H-SC Pre-Law Supports Virginia Legal Aid

October 11, 2011
Benjamin M. Durham '13

Neumeier, Mrs. Shear, Dr. Shear, KnightOn Friday, September 23, 2011, ten members of Hampden-Sydney Pre-Law Society took the time out of their Friday night to support a Virginia Legal Aid Society benefit in Farmville. It was hosted by Dr. William Shear, Trinkle Professor of Biology at Hampden-Sydney College, and his wife, Noelle, at their home.

The benefit was well-attended by Virginia lawyers, legal aid staff members, legal aid supporters, Hampden-Sydney faculty and staff, and those interested in becoming involved in legal aid. The evening centered around a presentation by the head of the Virginia Legal Aid Society, David Neumeier (left), which was followed by refreshments and informal conversation.  Mrs. Shear, the main planner and hostess, called the event a "great success." David Neumeier and Rhonda Knight (right), another Virginia Legal Aid Society Representative were "very pleased" with the outcome.

In the weeks leading up to September 23, Mrs. Shear worked closely with the Hampden-Sydney Pre-Law Society's Philanthropy Chairman, Ben Durham, and its Executive Vice President, Trey Price.  The Pre-Law Society committed to provide the necessary volunteers.

So, on a bleak Friday evening after an all-day rain, the ten Hampden-Sydney Men, most of whom are members of the Pre-Law Society, donned the traditional Hampden-Sydney blue blazer and tie and did everything including bartend, serve food, meet and greet, coordinate parking, socialize and make the guests feel at home, and deal with any contingencies that came up.  In describing the contributions of the Pre-Law Society to the success of the benefit, Mrs. Shear said, "[Your volunteering] made a huge difference to us in terms of help and your presence was a great source of encouragement to [a] generation who is older than yours about the future for [the] values we hold dear."

Students with Mrs. ShearThe Hampden-Sydney Pre-Law Society members who attended were proud to get behind and work for the benefit of such a worthy cause. We enjoyed getting to mix with the variety of people that attended the event with whom we got to discuss everything from the nature of legal aid to the nature of the varying political cultures that exist in our world today, and, of course, to sample the wonderful food. The Pre-Law Society looks forward to working more with the Virginia Legal Aid Society and its five offices across Virginia.

To learn more about the Virginia Legal Aid Society, please visit its website at: http://www.lawhelp.org/program/810/