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August 31, 2011

The RecordIn recent years, we have made significant changes to our alumni magazine, The Record of Hampden-Sydney College. Some of these changes have been obvious; others are subtler. However, all of them have been designed to improve our communication with alumni and friends of the college and to reflect the professional attitude we have toward our educational mission.

The most obvious changes are to the size of the magazine and the use of full-color photographs throughout. We have trimmed the edges by approximately 20%, which reduced the overall size of the magazine but had little effect on the content area of the pages. This new size has had two immediate benefits: it mirrors the style of popular literary journals and affords us a friendlier postage rate.

Though the overall page size is smaller than it was 18 months ago, a redesigned layout gives us maximum use of available space. This, plus a commitment to producing a magazine of at least 48 pages, means we have not reduced the amount of content in each magazine.

We completed the move to a full-color layout a few years ago when we determined we could do so without significantly increasing our production costs. This change has allowed the production team to create a modern, professional magazine that is fitting of Hampden-Sydney College. Other changes that contribute to a more professional appearance are the use of heavier paper and a book-like perfect binding.

A less obvious change we recently made is increasing production from three times a year to four times a year. In our age of 24-hour news, social media, and instantly updated websites, we decided that it is valuable to communicate with our alumni and friends in a long-form magazine as regularly as we can. More alumni than ever before are sending us Class Notes information-news about promotions, advanced degrees, and weddings. Though this is shared on Hampden-Sydney College's website, most alumni and friends read Class Notes in the magazine. Now this news is shared more often. The new production schedule also better reflects the nature of the academic year, including graduation, new student arrival, and athletic events.

Finally, this year we began posting the entire contents of The Record on Hampden-Sydney College's website. This includes all of the articles, news items, sports stories, and alumni activities. Rather than repost the Class Notes information, users are directed to the Class Notes section of the website.

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All of the changes we introduce to the magazine are intended to enhance how Hampden-Sydney College communicates with its friends and alumni. Since its beginning in 1926, the alumni magazine has undergone several changes, but its mission will always be to serve its readers well.

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