The Student Network

August 22, 2011
Chapin F. George '11

College life consists of many late nights and early mornings.  Many of those nights are enjoyable and, perhaps, some mornings aren't too bad either.  However, every H-SC student knows that some of the late nights are full of stress that can easily carry over to the next day. This is especially true in the first year of college.  The Student Network, also known as The Network or The Net, exists to offer freshmen help from students who have experienced the ups and downs of college life, both academic and social.

Shawn White, Assistant Dean of Students, began recruiting Hampden-Sydney men and accepting volunteers to serve as mentors.  Many of these mentors play sports or are members of social fraternities or are associated with various clubs and organizations. There are close to fifty upperclassmen available in The Student Network to assist any H-SC brother.

RopesIt isn't easy to ask for help; it might be even harder to accept it.  But help works, and the mentors in The Student Network were all in need of it at one time themselves. H-SC is an experience that should be great; students from The Net simply want to make it so. For more information, go to: