Career Development Has 2 New Tiger Tracks

August 23, 2011

The Hampden-Sydney Career Development Office is pleased to announce new Tiger Tracks in Engineering and Architecture at the beginning of this academic year. These two tracks bring the total number of Tiger Tracks up to six, as they join the already existing Tracks for Banking & Finance, Law, Coaching, and Sports Management. Tracks in Medicine and Dentistry are expected to be unveiled in the next few weeks, and several more are planned for this fall.

Tiger Tracks are a series of documents designed to help students prepare themselves for specific careers. As a liberal arts college, we are fully confident that our graduates can do anything with a degree from Hampden-Sydney. However, we recognize that many of our students are interested in careers which do not appear to correspond directly with the majors we offer. The Tiger Tracks have no formal relationships with our academic programming. Their purpose is to summarize available options for students interested in specific career fields. Tiger Tracks provide a roadmap of classes from across the curriculum, extracurricular activities, resources, career development programming, and alumni connections that help students leverage their liberal arts academic base towards the pursuit of a fulfilling career. It does this by providing a central organizational framework of all relevant programming. Students use the tool to identify opportunities from the diverse options available that will help them prepare to succeed in competitive job markets and career fields.

If you have a recommendation for a future Tiger Track, we want to hear it. If you would like to be profiled in an existing or upcoming Tiger Track and/or would be willing to speak with current students about your experience in the career field, please don't hesitate to let us know. Please contact Laura Neidert, Associate Director of Career Development and Director of the Tiger Tracks Program, via email at or telephone at 434-223-6105. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

Training-the-StreetRight: Students attend Training the Street financial modeling workshop sponsored by the Tiger Track for Banking & Finance