The New Wellness Center

August 09, 2011

Wellness center204 College Road is the new home for student health, substance education, and counseling.

The undergraduate experience at Hampden-Sydney challenges students academically, affords them considerable freedom of choice, and requires significant personal growth. To be successful, a student must be healthy of both body and mind and make sound life-style choices. The new Wellness Center provides one location where students can find professionals who can assist them with issues regarding their physical and mental health.

Graham. Bowman, WhiteThe renovated former faculty residence houses Beth P. Graham (left), Director of Student Health, and the other members of Student Health staff; Shawn R. White (right), Assistant Dean for Substance Education, and Dr. Glen D. Bowman, Mental Health Counselor.

The other members of the Wellness Center  staff are Barbara Kiewiet de Jonge, Primary Health Care Nurse; Denise Faircloth, Nurse Receptionist, and Adrienne Traylor, Secretary.

Dr. Timothy W. Corbett serves as College Contract Physician and Dr. Richard E. Curtis, Jr. '79 as Consultant Psychiatrist.