Chi Phi Returns to Campus

March 22, 2012

Chi Phi CrestHampden-Sydney College welcomes the return of the Epsilon Colony of Chi Phi Fraternity after an absence of four years.   The colony has received recognition by their National Office and the Hampden-Sydney Interfraternity Council (IFC).  The new brothers will be initiated on April 21 in Charlottesville. The house on College Road will be reoccupied by the fraternity at the beginning of first semester 2012-13. 

The return of Chi Phi to the campus represents hard work on the part of the students, Chi Phi alumni, and the Hampden-Sydney Dean of Students Office.

In other fraternity news, on March 5th fifty-eight young men (44 freshman, 12 sophomores, 2 juniors) successfully completed pledging and joined the seven fraternities (Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, Theta Chi, Sigma Nu) at Hampden-Sydney.   This number is smaller than in recent years because of the termination of pledging in two fraternities.

Both Beta Theta Pi and Lambda Chi Alpha had their charters suspended by their National Offices and the operation at Hampden-Sydney of those fraternities ceased immediately upon notification of the suspensions.  When pledging was halted, Beta had seven pledges and Lambda Chi nine.  These young men are now free to participate in rush next semester.

Excluding Chi Phi, whose members have not yet been initiated, members of social fraternities make up just fewer than 25% of the student body.  With the initiation of the 28 Chi Phi members that percentage will be just over 26%.

Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional fraternity specializing in the field of chemistry, has a house, and parties, but is not a member of the IFC and, therefore, not counted among the social fraternities.   

Project Hercules, a task force, was formed in the fall of 2011 to look at all aspects of fraternity life and offer recommendations to strengthen the fraternity system and to assure the continuation of a strong Greek system, a tradition at Hampden-Sydney for over 160 years.