Circle K Leads Efforts to Cleanup Sandy River Reservoir

October 12, 2012
Michael L. R. Bolling '15

Students on CleanupOn Sunday, September 30, over twenty members of the Circle K International Club of Hampden-Sydney College deployed to the Sandy River Reservoir to participate in one of the year's service projects. The cleanup project was sponsored by Clean Virginia Waterways, an award-winning, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to citizen stewardship of Virginia's water resources. The focus of the project was to clean and dispose of litter in the area.

Students participating in the cleanup effort divided into seven groups with different equipment to tackle the assignment. The temperature outside allowed for a swift and effective cleanup. Circle K spent at least two hours on the task. The total of students who volunteered was one of the highest attendance records for a Circle K service event on a Sunday morning as well as for a service project centered on performing a cleanup effort.

Students surveyed and tallied what they collected, and the data will be used in classes that are taught by Dr. Rachel Goodman.  Prevalent litter found during the cleanup was aluminum cans and cigarette butts. Members of Circle K learned and experienced how "the little things matter," words which were used by Dr.  Goodman to begin the cleanup. Other found items included syringes, tires, aluminum and a 4-foot hole that was filled with accumulated trash. Members of Circle K found a Coca-Cola can that dated back to the late 90s and a DVD from a show that was canceled in 2001.

Circle K members are dedicated to committing their resources to service projects like this cleanup to allow for everyone in the surrounding community to enjoy their outdoor experiences. First chartered in the 1960s, the Circle K Club of Hampden-Sydney College went dormant by the 1990s. The club was re-chartered in 2010 and raised the most funds in its first year as a collegiate organization for March of Dimes. Today, the club continues to be active on campus with members from different classes, and a clubhouse designated for members of the organization. Circle K is committed to the mission of the college - "to form good men and good citizens" who are dedicated to making a positive impact on community, nation, and world.

The men who participated are Henry Loehr '14, Ryquan Wheeler '15, Frederick Antoine '14, Travis Luck '14, Robert Wilson '14, Ben Jenkins '15, Michael Bolling '15, Jefferson Thompson '16, Ben Durham '14, Phyo Thu Win '14, Sawyer Klein '15, and also Dr. Goodman. Several Circle K members who participated are not pictured in the group photograph.

Circle K at Sandy River