Happy New Year and Happy Bowl Season

January 01, 2012

With all of the shuffling going on in the NCAA conferences across the nation (Texas A&M joining the SEC, the Pac-10 now being the Pac-12-or was it the Pac-16?- and the Big 10 having what, 15 teams in it now? and, heck, even the ODAC has added Shenandoah), we thought we would invent our own conference of colleges with strong Hampden-Sydney roots: the Hampden-Sydney Conference (conveniently referred to as the "HSC"). We find that this conference would be competitive nationally both athletically and academically.
Here is a quick summary of the conference and a few of the connections that allow
these schools entry. Schools officially qualify for this conference if either
a) They were founded by a Hampden-Sydney alumnus, or
b) A Hampden-Sydney alumnus has served or is serving as their President.

The HSC divisions

Winner gets to play Hampden-Sydney College (VA)
in the national championship.

We considered inviting Randolph-Macon Medical College [J. P. Mettauer 1811],
but we deemed that since their last surviving alumnus passed away several decades ago,
they would not be able to compete with Tennessee's basketball team
for the home-and-away series.
We also considered the University of Beijing [John Leighton Stuart 1896],
even though the road trips would be a killer.