November 6 Incident Update

December 13, 2012

A Case in the Process of "forming good men and good citizens"

The mission of Hampden-Sydney College is "to form good men and good citizens" and that indicates a process.  With some students, from time to time, that process will falter.  This webpage addresses what happened on November 6 and what has happened since and will happen as Hampden-Sydney moves forward.

Commitment Matters


Hampden-Sydney College reflects the diversity which is America.  Each day, we successfully live, work, and play together.  However, we continue to make this community ever more open, accepting, and embracing of our increasing diversity.   Our faculty is designing programming to encourage critical thinking about diversity.  The Office of Student Affairs is working with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities to revisit our residential life program and freshman orientation to ensure that students receive training on becoming "upstanders" versus "bystanders."  Most importantly, our student leaders are engaged in serious, thoughtful dialogue, have pledged to respect differences, and are committed to set the example for other students. 

Incident Summary