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December 17, 2012

During the fall semester, Hampden-Sydney College offered its first philanthropy class, Philanthropy in Theory and Practice, sponsored by Doris Buffett's Learning by Giving Foundation.  In this class, taught by Dr. Saranna Thornton, Professor of Economics & Business, fourteen students learned to research and prepare grant requests, to present grant proposals, and finally to judge the outcome.  Individually or in teams students spent time working with and developing an understanding of the operation and needs of each non-profit.

The class's mission statement was "To provide up to $10,000 of financial aid to local non-profit organizations to engage in projects that advance the life and overall welfare of the community."  The class met with the Foundation on Wednesday, December 12, to present proposals, representing $52,000 in grant requests.  There were hard choices to be made.

Heart of Virginia Free Clinic, Pharmacy Start-up
Habitat for Humanity, Finance a Build
Finance a Build, One Month's Worth of Meals
Moton Museum, Seed Money for Sign Purchase
Madeline's House, Capital Campaign for Down Payment on House
FACES, Purchase a Truck
Virginia Legal Aid Society, Services on Substandard Housing - Outreach and Representation
YMCA, Live Strong Program for Cancer Survivors

The driving factors in the students' decisions were which grants would provide the most benefits for the most people in Prince Edward County.  In the end, the Heart of Virginia Free Clinic and FACES were each awarded $5000.

Ben Quinn & Steven ThackerThe $5000 award to the Free Clinic, proposed by Ben Quinn, a senior from Roanoke, VA (on the left), and Steven Thacker, a senior from Fairlawn, VA, will allow the Clinic to access another $35,000 in other grants to open and stock a pharmacy. 

Brian Sone






Brian Sone, a junior from Dallas, TX, plans to continue working to raise another $5000 which will allow FACES to purchase a new truck to collect food donations from local supermarkets and from farmers.