Strategic Plan Marks First Year

November 05, 2012

Stategic Plan LogoNovember 5th marks one year since the Hampden-Sydney Strategic Plan - 20/20  was adopted by the Board of Trustees.   The plan touches all aspects of the College and spans a period of eight years.

While restating Hampden-Sydney's historic mission "to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning," the Strategic Plan establishes a vision for the College, "To become a model liberal arts college recognized for excellence in educating men for the twenty-first century."

On this first anniversary, a brief update on progress is in order.  The first year focused on accomplishments which could be achieved, in a tight budget year, with minimal expenditures.

C Day was inaugurated on September 5.   To ensure that we as an institution are staying true to our mission and goal of "forming good men and good citizens," numerous offices came together to create a day for students to explore their interests, forge connections, and celebrate the Hampden-Sydney community.   It was a day to inspire and empower the college community.   C Day was reported in the September Record.   Experience C Day with the video.

The Richmond marketing firm - adcraft - has been employed to redesign the Website and the admissions Candidate's Guide. The goal is to update without essentially altering the traditional look of college publications - electronic and print.  Both will be completed by summer 2013.

A campus master plan has been submitted by EYP Architecture and Engineering of Boston.  The campus master plan will guide the College in planning and fundraising.  More information on the campus master plan will be posted on the Website early in 2013.

Leggett PoolThe cross country team has been significantly expanded and intercollegiate swimming has been added to the athletic program.   The expansion of the athletic program is designed to offer students a greater and more varied set of options and thus increase involvement and engagement to enhance both recruitment and retention.

Two programs are in the implementation stage:

  • "Man Up With Admissions" to leverage electronic media to engage alumni and parents in student recruiting
  • A plan to increase alumni engagement and giving

The Board of Trustees has begun the process of revising its 1938 By-Laws.

Much of the activity in the first year of the Strategic Plan has been focused on the goals related to recruiting and retention.  The Strategic Plan calls for the consistent enrollment of at least 325 freshmen (the class entering in 2012 was 340) and the achievement of a retention rate of 72% from the current level of 67%.  The overall goal is to maintain a stable enrollment of 1150 men (current enrollment 1080).