Bone Marrow Donor Drive 3-27

March 25, 2013

posterStop by the table in the Commons during lunch on Wednesday March 27, and become a Registered Bone Marrow Donor. All it takes is 5 minutes and a cheek swab.

52 H-SC students registered last year. Three matches have already been found, giving 3 patients a second chance at life. LET'S GET 150+ DONORS THIS YEAR!

Heard it hurts?

Get the facts. 90% of people who register are never matched. Out of the 10% who are matched, 70% of them donate through the simple process of donating platelets and blood - the same process as a blood drive. The other 30% go through an outpatient procedure that is a simple extraction of marrow from the bone and only causes 2 days of back soreness. Ask yourself, is a 3% chance of 2 days of back soreness worth saving another person's life? Come out and make a difference.