H-S Senate Supports Cure Will & Couric Center

December 12, 2013

Curic CenterCure Will was founded by Catherine McCormick (Longwood University Class of 2015) in honor of her brother, William McCormick H-SC '12, and benefits the Cure Will Fund at the Emily Couric Center for Cancer Research at the University of Virginia.

Will withdrew from the College during the spring semester of his senior year after he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Will, along with his two older brothers, Graham H-SC '09 and  Gordon '10, was a brother of Kappa Sigma-Upsilon Chapter.  The family has deep ties to Hampden-Sydney

Cat, as she is known to her friends, is an active graphic designer and created the original Cure Will shirt through Booster, a fund-raising program. She expected to sell just 60 shirts, and ended up selling 400.  Each year, the Hampden-Sydney Student Senate selects a philanthropic cause towards which to dedicate its time, resources, and manpower.  Recognizing the success of Cure Will away from the Hill, the Senate unanimously voted to choose Cure Will as this year's cause.

With sponsorship provided by David Carter '93, CEO of The Graphic Cow, Student Government purchased 250 shirts that were dedicated to Cure Will and sold in conjunction with "The Game" against Randolph-Macon. The shirts sold out by noontime on Thursday, and raised $5000, 100% of which was sent to the Cure Will Fund at UVA's Couric Center.

It's truly the story of the Hampden-Sydney community coming together to support one of their own and take one step forward to finding a cure to this terrible affliction.