Farmville to Fairbanks

September 13, 2013

Devlin at FinishEd Devlin, Hampden-Sydney Elliott Professor of Biology, completed a bike tour from the Hill to the Arctic Circle over the summer of 2013. .

From Day-1 of the trip blog:

One evening in Canada this summer when I could get a cell-signal I was talking to Cyndy on the phone.  At one point in our conversation, she asked if I was still enjoying "the ride of a lifetime."  That made me pause, as I had not thought in terms of this being the ride of my lifetime, and I did not give her a clear answer.  A few days later when I again got a cell signal we talked again, and I told her that I realized that indeed, this was the ride of a lifetime, but like life itself, there were joys, compromises and hardships associated with the trip. 

I had been thinking about attempting a trip like this after I retired, but that would be quite a few years down the road.  I also realized that it would be more difficult physically to attempt a trip like this when I was older.  Hence my decision to try to ride my bicycle from our home in Central Virginia to Alaska in my 63 year of life; I like this whole notion these days of life and living it fully while we have the ability to do so.  I also knew that this would be an ambitious trip, especially in the time-window I had available.  Most folks would plan four months or more for a bike tour like this one, but I did not have that much time available. That is why I hit the road in early May to give me as much time as possible to deal with the inevitable delays that can arise on a tour of this length.


Track My Tour” shows the progress of Dr. Devlin's bike tour and were he stayed every night.