An Internship - The Summer Essential

August 12, 2013

Career Education LogoEmployers hiring new college graduates are seeking applicants with at least one internship experience. Undergraduates, especially those in the liberal arts, are feeling the pressure in the increasingly competitive job market to land an internship that will get them a step ahead of their peers or, at least, in step with their peers. The majority of Hampden-Sydney students utilize their summers to gain experience and knowledge that enhances what is learned in the classroom.  Some of our students have landed very interesting and non-traditional internships this summer which are allowing them to pursue their chosen field, or explore a career path that has intrigued them.

  • Page Smith '15 is interning with PeopleMatter (, an HR solutions company started by Nate DaPore '00.
  • Joshua Gaskill '15 and John Wirges '15 are studying Swahili in Kenya through ProjectGo (a language and culture project through the ROTC). Both students are Cadets with the Army ROTC on campus.
  • Trey Price '14 is teaching rhetoric and essay writing in the Czech Republic with the Fulbright Commission. This opportunity, through the Wilson Center, has been a long-standing one for H-SC students.
  • Holden McLemore '16 is interning with the Chamber of Commerce in Wake Forest, NC, and works closely with the Farmville Chamber of Commerce during the academic year.
  • Paul Thornton '14 is also doing economic development and fundraising work locally with the Farmville United Way and Farmville Chamber of Commerce.
  • Arley Morelock '14 is a Research Intern with Microbac Laboratories in Wilson, NC.
  • Scott Lamothe '16 is interning with the Army Engineer Museum ( in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Many Hampden-Sydney students are participating in summer internships, thanks to the generous support of alumni. In February 2013, the Career Education and Vocational Reflection Office partnered with Institutional Advancement to engage alumni in a different way - a chance to help prepare H-SC men for a competitive job market. This initial campaign yielded over 30 viable opportunities, with 12 students accepting an internship. Fred Thompson '79, Thompson Hospitality, offered four students a chance to learn about business marketing and operations. Maurice Foster '16, Jonathan Wade '15, Ali Salih '15, and Brandon Long '14 lived in Northern Virginia as part of this program. Three students, Ali Salih '15, Tyrone Freston '14, and Will Stephenson '14 are interned with McMullen Public Affairs in Columbia, SC, with Ed McMullen '86. Baker Love '14 is the Sales and Marketing Intern with Ryan Homes, Richmond Office, arranged through Hunter Taylor '04.

A  liberal arts education is a broad preparation for life and career; an internship is a practical experience in a potential career; they compliment each other.  A prospective employer is as influenced by a student's internship experience as by his major.   If it is possible for you to provide a potential summer internship experience for a Hampden-Sydney Man, please contact the Career Education and Vocational Reflection office at (434) 223-6106.