One of the Best

August 12, 2013

students studying in libraryPrinceton Review has ranked the Bortz Library at Hampden-Sydney College #4 in the latest Best Colleges guide.  If one is judged by the company you keep then Hampden-Sydney is in good company.  The top five are 1. Columbia; 2. The University of Chicago; 3. Yale; and 5. Harvard.  The Bortz Library was ranked 11th two years ago and seventh last year.

However, it is possible for one of the best to get better.  In the next couple years, the Fuqua Technology Commons (formerly Fuqua International Communications Center) will be moved to the main (2nd) floor of the Bortz Library opposite the circulation desk.  The reference stacks will be shifted to the lower section of the main floor.  All the support - media librarian, Blackboard administration, and technology help desk - will be on the main floor.  This will be accomplished with no reduction in seating.  Bortz has seating for 550, half the student body.

The Fuqua Computing Center will be moved from the ground floor of Johns Auditorium to the 1st floor (ground level) of the Bortz Library in the space now housing the Technology Commons.  All College-related technology will be housed in one building. 

Dr. Cy Dillon, Director of the Library and College Computing, says that the additions on the main floor can be accomplished without diminishing the open and spacious look of the area.  Moving these services to the main floor will not only facilitate the use of the library but it will bring more people and activity closer to the entrance.  According to Dillon, "A busy space is more welcoming.  When someone comes into the library, I want them to see people and have a sense that those people are there to help."