Make History for H-SC Challenge Announced

November 25, 2013

Make History LogoOn the heels of last year’s successful 3,000 Strong Challenge, Hampden-Sydney recently announced the Make History for H-SC Challenge, with a goal of achieving an all-time high number of donors to the College.

Achieving this ambitious goal will require 3,775 alumni donors to give during the current fiscal year. Similar to last year, a generous alumnus has offered a challenge gift of up to $300,000 to encourage alumni gifts in support of the challenge. The first $100,000 will be gifted if 1,500 alumni have made a gift by December 31, 2013. Another $100,000 is contingent on reaching 2,500 alumni donors by 3/31/14, and the final $100,000 contingent on reaching the 3,775 goal by June 30, 2014. 

“Thanks to the support of Hampden-Sydney alumni, last year’s 3,000 Strong Challenge raised the College’s alumni giving percentage from 29 to 36 percent in one year, which was a tremendous success,” said Dr. Lee King, VP for Institutional Advancement. “This year, we have an opportunity to truly make history for the College by demonstrating support of the College in even greater numbers and earning an additional $300,000 for Hampden-Sydney in the process. There is room for everyone to have a meaningful impact on the College as a result of this campaign.”

For more information on the Make History for H-SC Challenge,  To make a gift, visit