Classroom Renovations Continue

March 13, 2014

Morton Seminar RoomThe project to refurbish classrooms in Morton, Bagby, and Gilmer Halls continues on schedule.  The $1.6 million fund-raising goal was reached through the leadership of the Parents Council and support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges (VFIC). 

Since the classrooms could not be taken out of service during the academic year, work has to be done during the summers and Christmas breaks.  Bagby 111 and 217; Morton 121, 120, 113, 112, 119, and 223; and Gilmer 025, 105, 125, and 222 have been completed. 

This summer there will be technology upgrades in rooms 2 and 3 in the College Church educational building and furniture upgrades in Morton 316, 317, 216, and 224; Bagby 307 and 310; and Gilmer 220 and 012.  All of Bagby Hall and the Maples, rooms 101 and 201 are planned for completion by next November.

The project will continue until all 60 classrooms, excluding laboratories, are renovated by 2018. 

Gilmer ClassroomThe rooms are painted and carpeted.  Classroom presentation equipment and LED lighting are  installed.  New desks - referred to by students as the 'bumper cars" - allow the maximum flexibility for teaching configurations.

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