Journal of Sciences Publishes Vol. 3

April 16, 2014

Journal CoverThe Hampden-Sydney College Journal of the Sciences has published its third annual volume. The Journal showcases Hampden-Sydney student research. For the first two years, the Journal was an on-line publication but this year, there is also a printed edition. According to advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Michael Wolyniak, "Journals are moving from print to online, so we considered this carefully, and I admit that I was a little skeptical although we have always had in the back of our heads that it would be nice to have a printed copy. This year the desire and the means came together. The response has been exciting; the Journal has a much higher profile on and off campus."

Submissions come from students in all of the scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, physics and astronomy, and psychology. The submissions range from honors theses to classroom research assignments and are edited by the student editorial board into a professional format. The Journal provides an outstanding opportunity for Hampden-Sydney students to get involved in an authentic scientific research and publication process and to gain invaluable experiences that will help them in the pursuit of graduate or professional education after their time at Hampden-Sydney. Likewise, the journal's content shows prospective students and their families the kind of research opportunities available at the College.

This year's editors are (left to right below)  Christopher Ferrante'15, Alan Fish '14, John Dekarske '14 (editor-in-chief), Dr. Wolyniak, Shaquam Seadrow '16, and William Hudson '14.  Resaerch articles cover a wide variety of topics including "Examining Head Injury: The Efficiency and Longevity of a Modern Lacrosse Helmet," "The Effects of Ibotenic Acid Lesions to Auditory and Visual Sectors of the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus During a Visual Discrimination Task with an Auditory Distraction," "Genetically Based: The Search for the Gay Gene," "A Simple Planetary Evolution Model Using the Solar Nebular Theory," and" How well does an aggressive invasive plant species, Centaurea stoebe (Asteraceae), perform when placed in different substrates?"

Journal Editors