H-SC in Top 50 of TheBestSchools.org Rankings

February 25, 2014

TheBestColleges MontageHampden-Sydney College was recently ranked among "America's 50 Best Colleges" and "The 100 Best U.S. Colleges and Universities by State" by TBS TheBestSchools.org. Hampden-Sydney was ranked 42 in the "50 Best" and only Hampden-Sydney and UVA were ranked in the "by State."

The ranking system is based on three broad master criteria, but the application of each of these criteria varies from case to case, depending on the kind of college or degree program.

The master criteria:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Return on investment
  3. Incidental benefit

Academic excellence means the quality and productivity of the faculty as measured by intellectual reputation and influence within the wider academic community.

Return on investment means factors such as employability and average starting salary and how much better a graduate may expect to do financially over the course of his/her life as a result of that investment than without it.

Incidental benefits are those factors that may significantly impact your quality of life during your studies, such factors as locale, student demographics, student satisfaction, sports opportunities, natural beauty, campus safety, etc.