H-SC at the International Conference on Masculinities

April 20, 2015

Michael KimmelSix representatives from Hampden-Sydney spoke and presented research at the International Conference on Masculinities in New York City in early March. The theme of the conference, which was co-hosted by the American Men's Studies Association, was "Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality." The weekend also served to launch the new Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University, which is directed by Michael Kimmel (author of many works in the field of men's studies, including Manhood in America and Guyland).

President Howard spoke on a plenary panel entitled "Engaging Youth for Gender Equality," where he shared the stage with activists and representatives from the United Nations. Two HSC faculty members, Professor Ken Lehman and Professor Elizabeth Deis, presented scholarship supported by research grants from the Men's Studies Committee. Prof. Lehman presented a poster on his comparative study of wrestling and gender: "Cholitas and Young Men: Negotiating Gender and Transacting Violence in the Ring." Prof. Deis delivered a paper about a story by Victorian author George Meredith: "Keeping General Ople in the Fray: Lessons in Feminism and the Need for On-Going Professional Engagement for the Middle-Aged Man." Also on her panel was Professor Lowell Frye, who delivered a paper called "'Self-Worship of the Male': Male Privilege, The Subjugation of Women, and the Ideal of Gender Equality."

Two other faculty members were part of another panel: "Pedagogy: Teaching about Masculinities." Jeffrey Yamashita, this year's QEP Scholar, discussed his fall 2014 freshman seminar in a talk called "Revealing Gendered Power: Reflections on Critical Pedagogies through Athletics and Masculinities," and Professor Sarah Hardy explained a Rhetoric research paper assignment in a presentation called "A Club of their Own: Implied Masculinities in Groups for Men and Boys."

Conference PosterFollowing the conference, the two Men's Studies grant recipients, Dr. Lehman and Dr. Deis, presented their research on campus as one of the college-wide Research Showcase events in late March.