Winter 2010

The Winter 2010 issue of The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review



Winter 2010

Issue 36 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review continues our tradition of publishing the best verse we can find.  The issue includes new work from D.A. Powell, Don Bogen, Lisa Jarnot, Todd Boss, Norman Dubie and many others.  We are happy also to feature four unpublished poems by John Haines, who before heading to Alaska as a young man, was born in Virginia.  This year's 4x4 touches on the political and the personal, and features responses from Debra Kang Dean, Jaime Brunton, D.A. Powell, and Christopher Howell.


Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 36, Winter 2010


Curtis Bauer
Don Bogen
Todd Boss
Jaime Brunton
John Casteen
Steven Cramer
Debra Kang Dean
Norman Dubie
Gary Fincke
Patrick Ryan Frank
Carol Frost
Juan Antonio González-Iglesias
John Haines
J.M. Hauser
Jay Hopler
Christopher Howell
Lisa Jarnot
David McAleavey
Jessica Murray
D.A. Powell
Kevin Prufer
Thom Satterlee
Derek Sheffield
Adam Sorkin
Grete Tartler
Martha Zweig