Winter 2011

The Winter 2011 issue of The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review


Winter 2011

Issue 37 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review was just published in December of 2011.  The issue includes new work from John Kinsella, Lavinia Greenlaw, Billy Collins, Maxince Scates and many others.  We are also happy to have enacted a quiet re-collaboration between our cover artist, the renowned children's book author and illustrator Alice Provensen, and poet Nancy Willard.  This year's 4x4 touches on questions of influence, music and solitude and features responses from Connie Wanek, Reginald Flood, Dennis O'Driscoll, and Lavinia Greenlaw.



Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 37, Winter 2011


Dan Albergotti
Sherman Alexie
Harvey Baine
Ciaran Berry
Billy Collins
Rob Cook
Nicole Cooley
Robert Cording
Haines Eason
Reginald Flood
Keith Flynn
Lavinia Greenlaw
John Kinsella
Cate Lycurgus
Al Maginnes
Adam McGraw
Dennis O'Driscoll
G.J. Racz
Mira Rosenthal
Tomasz Ró┼╝ycki
Félix María Samaniego
Maxine Scates
Gabriel Spera
Connie Wanek
Nancy Willard