Winter 2012


Cover of HSPR 38


Winter 2012

Issue 38 of the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review was published in December of 2012.  It features new work from Stephen Dunn, Jessica Greenbaum, A.E. Stallings, Eleanor Wilner, Valerie Wohlfeld and many others, including some poets who are publishing for the first time.  Our 4x4 includes a lively exchange on the state of publishing poems as a woman in the current literary marketplace as well as diverse thoughts on many other topics, as has become characteristic of the feature.  Our cover art is by local artist JJ Eisfelder and we're especially happy to have it gathering this year's compelling group of poems.


Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
No. 38, Winter 2012


Mary Kovaleski Byrnes
Melisa Cahnman-Taylor
Todd Davis
Paul Dickey
Stephen Dunn
Sarah Edwards
Julian Farmer
Jessica Greenbaum
Lisa Grove
Charlene Langfur
Karen An-Hwei Lee
Alexis Levitin
Cleopatra Mathis
Ana Minga
Hannah Faith Notess
Jacquelyn Pope
Rebecca Givens Rolland

Thom Satterlee
Allison Seay
A.E. Stallings
David Thacker
Lee Upton
Carmen Vascones
Wendy Videlock
Jeanne Murray Walker
Lu You and Tang Wan
Eleanor Wilner
Valerie Wohlfeld
Liang Yujing
Linda Stern Zisquit