Integrated Marketing Plan

Integrated marketing concerns itself both with communicating the value of a product to consumers and evaluating a product to make it more desirable to consumers.  For schools and colleges, education is the product and prospective students and their parents are the primary consumers.  The Strategic Plan also identifies as consumers to whom we should market alumni, current students, and the general public.

Goal 4 focuses on communicating the value of our education.  It is not within the purview of the Marketing Committee of the Board, the Working Group, or the Office of Communications to evaluate the Hampden-Sydney education to the end of evaluating it to meet market demands.  This responsibility remains in other hands.

An integrated approach to marketing communications requires cooperation across departments.  Those departments which are primarily concerned with student recruitment (Admissions), alumni relations and giving (Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement), retention (Dean of Students), and general marketing (Communications) have unique functions.  Integrated marketing communications does not supplant those unique functions; it strives to find commonalities.

To advise and implement an integrated marketing communications plan, two groups have been established - the Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Integrated Marketing Communications Working Group. The Working Group will compliment, on the staff/faculty level, the work of the Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees.  Both groups will consider brand definition and message strategy:

  • Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Personality