Action Plan

  • Establish in 2013-14 a single marketing budget for the College to support student recruiting, general marketing, alumni relations (including the Record), fundraising (excluding a capital campaign), events, the Website, and social media.
  • Establish a small working group, chaired by the director of communications and marketing, to guide integrated marketing communications efforts. (This is the Integrated Marketing Communications Working Group.)
  • Make a five-year commitment to an integrated marketing communications plan of no less than 3% of the operating budget - excluding personnel and travel/entertainment - annually for five years.
  • Engage a consultant to assist in development of an integrated marketing communications plan. (This function is and will continue to be partially performed by the Marketing Committee of the Board.)
  • Launch an integrated marketing communications plan in 2013-14.
  • Constantly assess and adjust the integrated marketing communications plan in light of enrollment (size and quality), alumni giving and participation, fundraising, and Website and social media effectiveness.