Measures of Success

The impact of an integrated marketing communications plan will be measured in many departments of the College. The following relate the plan to specific goals of the Strategic Plan

1. Reach enrollment goals. 

a. Goal 3A.1:  Increase the number and quality of the applicant pool to attract at least 325 freshmen each year in order to maintain an ongoing enrollment of 1150 students. 

(A factor in reaching the enrollment goal is increasing retention from 67 to 72% (Goal 3A.2).  An academically stronger student body resulting from integrated marketing is a factor in improving retention.  So is internal marketing (re-recruiting) which is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan.)

b. Goal 3B.3: Enhance and expand recruiting efforts outside of Virginia and launch a concerted effort to attract minority students...with the goals of increasing non-Virginia students to 40% (including foreign students) and minority students to 15%.

c. Goal 3A.6: ...publicize additional guaranteed-admission graduate programs in law, business, and engineering, similar to our existing programs in medicine."

2. Reach annual giving goals

a. Goal 5.4: Increase giving to annual fund by 4 to 5 percent each year.

b. Goal 5.5: Increase alumni participation from 29 percent to at least 45 percent.

3. Improve alumni and student moral by adding value to the public perception of Hampden-Sydney.

a. Goal 1.1: ...a place recognized for its expertise in developing and educating men.

4. Raise awareness of Hampden-Sydney making the College more attractive to media coverage which further enhances the public recognition and positive perception. It should be noted that a substantial commitment to integrated marketing does not end the historic pursuit of media coverage.  Integrated marketing, however, recognizes the limits of media coverage in obtaining and sustaining public recognition.

a. Goal 5.7: Place additional emphasis on corporate giving.