Strategic Plan: Goal 1

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GOAL #1:   To graduate capable, confident men who are committed to serving with honor and character - Good Men, Good Citizens


Through the liberal arts, the College realizes its educational mission to prepare our graduates for lives of personal fulfillment, career success, and significant engagement with the local and wider, even global, community. We will continue to help our students acquire the skills to think critically, communicate clearly, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely in an ever-changing global society - the key elements of the complete educational experience of Hampden-Sydney College.


  1. Develop Hampden-Sydney College into a place recognized for its expertise in strengthening and educating men.
  2. Broaden the definition of the Hampden-Sydney tradition of honor to include personal conduct, character, ethics, and integrity throughout life.
  3. Help students become active citizens, to include finding ways to serve their chosen communities and the wider world.
  4. Investigate offering a business major rooted in the liberal arts tradition.
  5. Add and strengthen programs that will enable H-SC graduates to be competitive in the job market and provide them with skills to enter the workforce or to pursue advanced studies.
  6. Sponsor events and programs about career and professional development, including discussions on calling, vocational options, and community service, as well as other programs that may fall outside the typical academic calendar.
  7. Create an Office of Vocational Reflection for students to discern their calling, passion, and purpose in life.
  8. Increase opportunities and support for international experience, to a minimum of 40 percent participation by each graduating class from the current level of 30 percent.
  9. Enhance on-campus programs that raise understanding of global and cultural diversity.
  10. Enhance and expand our existing leadership and development programs, including the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest, the Center for the Study of Political Economy, and The Society of '91.