Draft Strategic Plan: Goal 1.9


Hampden-Sydney College

Strategic Plan Feasibility Study


Date:  August 11, 2011


Goal Action Item:  1.9


Research Team Leader: Mary Cooper


Other Team Members: Claire Deal, David Klein, and Daniella Widdows


Goal Statement: Enhance on-campus programs that raise understanding of global, cultural diversity.


Proposed Action/Plan to Achieve Goal:

1.      Create a link between on-campus programs and events related to study abroad opportunities as well as countries/regions represented by students of minority cultures and international students. This would include everything from programs at the Wilson Center and International House to Career Development programs on Business Etiquette Abroad, to organizing a complementary event such as an art or museum exhibit that would highlight the related culture group. (Listed also in Goal 1.8 Action Plan). 

2.      Set goals for increasing the number of International Students and students from all regions of the United States in line with peer and aspirant institutions.

3.      Strengthen the existing Chinese language program and/or commit to offering at least one additional non western language.

4.      Continue Language Theme House programs for all modern languages taught on campus and encourage increased interaction between language house residents and the rest of campus through programming and events such as open houses, film nights etc.

5.      Continue Amity Scholar programs for Language Theme Houses bringing in recent college graduate native speakers as house advisors.

6.      Enhance visibility and incorporate more fully the QEP Scholar in Residence initiatives.

7.      Encourage use of Skype and new media to connect classrooms with universities abroad such as the American Universities of Beirut and Cairo, and with learning centers at our military basis abroad 

8.      Develop a planning mechanism for coordination between individual on-campus events to avoid schedule conflicts with complementary event or events targeted at the same audience.

9.      Work with multicultural groups on campus to offer a monthly roundtable at lunch or dinner to discuss global events and other topics of interest to all groups.

10.  Reach out to Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids to include them and their interests in the on-campus discussions and event policies listed above. These are people who grew up abroad who identify more with their host culture than their country of citizenship. They could be for example from families associated with the military, with missionary service, or with diplomatic or international business interests.

11.  Develop multicultural programs with near-by colleges including sharing expenses of bringing in prominent speakers that appeal to student interest in global and cultural diversity.

12.  Offer trips available to all students to regional sites associated with programming efforts. i.e., the annual European night at the French Embassy in DC, the JMU International Leadership meeting; the Martin Luther King Memorial; the Holocaust Museum etc.



Goal 1.9 continued

13.  Explore the development of an on-campus May Term for International Students from other schools as well as our own to study the History of Virginia or of the South in general. Making use of our proximity to Monticello, Appomattox, Williamsburg, Red Hill, etc.                        

14.  Provide all students with opportunities to explore co-cultures within the United States. One such program might include a May Term course to a specific region such as Appalachia, downeast Maine, the Adirondacks, etc.

15.  Explore the option of incorporating  service-learning into courses that would link H-SC students with a diversity of people in the Farmville area.

16.  Ensure availability of appropriate faculty/staff training and opportunities for professional development in support of global and cultural diversity.



1.      Increase in number of events with global and multicultural themes on campus.

2.      Increase in numbers of individual students participating in events with global and multicultural themes.

3.      Increase in number of academic courses that incorporate service-learning experiences that link H-SC students with the local community.

4.      Increase in number of languages taught on campus and increase in number of students enrolled in language courses.

5.      Increase in number of students choosing to live in a Language House

6.      Increase in diversity of student body. Create benchmarks in areas that need improvement.


Timeline: Action Plans can be implemented next semester or next academic year depending on required lead time for planning.  



1.      Costs of additional events and related receptions can vary from $200 to $10,000 + per event depending on the nature of the activity and the speaker involved.

2.      Cost of Regional Excursions TBD. Students can contribute partial cost to ensure participation once signed up.

3.      Cost of adding additional language instruction could be minimal if replacing existing sections of language or as high as $1million for an endowed chair.

4.      Annual Scholar in Residence cost per year including stipend, benefits and travel = $90,000.

5.      Cost per Language Theme House using Amity Scholar program = $7500 per year.

6.      Student Tuition to cover the Cost of the May Term program.


Other Factors: This goal can be divided into two main areas: curricular improvements that are linked directly to a course of study and co - curricular programming and events.  Considering the adage that there is always room for improvement; all on campus events, programs, and courses of study may be considered as being eligible for enhancement.  


Impact on Other Goals:

Direct links in support of goals 1.1; 1.8; 1.10; 3.A.3; 3.A.4; 3.B.3; 4.2; 4.5.


Other related goals include: 1.4; 1.6; 2.E.1; 2.E.2; 3.B.4; 3.D.1; 3.D.3; 4.3.