Draft Strategic Plan: Goal 3.B.4


Hampden-Sydney College

Strategic Plan Feasibility Study


Date: September 5, 2011

Goal of Action Item: 3.B.4

Research Team Leader(s): Robert Herdegen

Other Team Members: David Klein

Goal Statement: Systematically encourage faculty-student out-of-class interaction.

Proposed Action Plan/Plan to achieve goal:

1.    Encourage and support faculty joining students for meals on campus. (August 2012)

a.    Continue to provide money to cover faculty lunches when they are joining students for lunch, dinner, etc.

b.    Continue partial subsidy of the cost of faculty eating in the Commons, even if not explicitly joining students for meals.

c.     Have monthly special theme dinners to which the whole College community is invited and encouraged to attend.

2.    Encourage and support faculty to participate in other social events on campus.

a.    Explore returning to the weekly "coffee-and-donuts" social hour for students, faculty, and staff that had been done in Parents and Friends Lounge, and in Graham lounge area.

b.    Continue to offer and support social/extracurricular events that are geared toward both students and faculty/staff (e.g., Winter Ball, SFS basketball, yoga classes, concerts, faculty musicians at Tiger Inn, etc.)

c.     Encourage faculty to be involved with student clubs and organizations, where appropriate.

3.    Encourage and support off-campus activities and travel that involves both students and faculty.

a.    Continue to provide funds to support faculty who invite students for meals in their homes, and encourage greater faculty use of those funds.

b.    Increase money available to support student travel to encourage additional off-campus travel for students and faculty (to professional conferences, plays and concerts, meetings with student groups at other colleges/universities, etc.)

c.     Involve more faculty in off-campus service initiatives-e.g., "Beyond the Hill" service trips to Belize-by partially subsidizing their travel expenses.

d.    Support greater student participation in May Term programs of study abroad and of domestic travel and study, for the out-of-classroom experiences, by increasing the discount rate for tuition for May Term off-campus experiences and by more aggressively marketing May Term abroad/off-campus programs.

4.    Encourage more faculty to live on campus. Explore options for subsidizing the rental or purchase of College property or houses to make living on campus more affordable, attractive.


1.    Number of faculty eating meals in the Commons.

2.    Number of faculty participating in on-campus social events, and in club and organization events.

3.    Number of students and faculty who attend off-campus events (lectures, conferences, etc.) supported by the Student Travel Fund.

4.    Number of faculty participating in the "Beyond the Hill" service trips.

5.    Number of May Term abroad programs that "make" each year, and number of students who participate in May Term abroad and off-campus programs.

6.    Number of faculty who live on campus.


Timeline: See dates listed in proposed action/plan.


1.    On-campus meals, subsidies: supporting lunches with students, $2000 per year; reduced cost for other meals for faculty and staff, est. $4000 per year; monthly theme dinners from ARAMARK, est. $6000 per year.

2.    On-campus social events: weekly coffee-donuts event, $250 per week; assistance in underwriting the cost of the Winter Ball (most of which is covered by CAC funds, ticket sales), $5000.

3.    Off-campus activities and travel funds: faculty having students in their homes for meals, $75 per person for each faculty member, approx. $7500; additional money for student travel fund, increase to $15,000 (up from $13,000); faculty involvement in service trips, underwrite half the cost for a faculty member to participate, $600 per person, two people per year; discount by 50% the tuition cost for May Term abroad programs, assuming 75 students, two courses per student, $250 subsidy per credit hour, total of $112,500.

4.    Encourage faculty to live on campus, subsidy for rental College houses, purchase of on-campus houses from the College: unknown costs.

Other factors:

1.    Note: College discounts tuition for May Term abroad at 20% currently; propose raising that to 50% and assume increase in number of students participating in programs.

Impact on other goals: Goals 1, 2.B.2, 2.B.3, 2.C.1, 3.A.2, 3.D