Issues Addressed in the Plan

In no particular order, this plan must address the issues of:

Ideal Enrollment
student-faculty ratio
class size
faculty teaching loads
faculty salaries
functional area organization (admissions vs. enrollment management)
recruiting/admissions strategy (community colleges/articulation agreements, military, China/Mexico/S. Korea/India, junior male prep schools, Going South, targeted NE, increasing size of the bottom of the pyramid)
increasing number of athletic programs

diversifying revenue streams
physical plant development and sequencing of that development
programs with VATech, UVA, etc.

Defining/Re-defining the Liberal Arts& Sciences Education
Men's Studies
pre-professional education (especially business major/minor - "Tiger Tracks")
offering or accepting on-line courses
experiential/service learning

Character and Leadership Development
ROTC to campus
stance on substance education

Governance & Board Composition
endowment growth

Building a Greater Sense of Community
Greek Life (pledging system)
use of convocations
rituals & traditions

How do we define excellence in 2010 and Beyond for Hampden-Sydney College?