October 9, 2010 Meeting Summary


The first meeting of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee was called to order by Thomas N. Allen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, at 9:00 a.m.

Mr. Allen who, along with President Howard, co-chairs the committee welcomed everyone and invited the members of the Steering Committee to introduce themselves, to wit:

Paul S. Baker, Vice President for Administration - Community Liaison
Michael H. Blackwell '01, Trustee - Alumni Co-Liaison
C. Beeler Brush, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Gerald T. Carney, Elliott Professor of Religion - Faculty Liaison
W. Birch Douglass III ’65, Chairman, Trustee
Anita H. Garland, Dean of Admissions
Patti Hall, Co-chair, Parents Council - Parent Liaison
Sarah B. Hardy, Elliott Professor of English
Robert T. Herdegen III, Dean of the Faculty
David A. Klein, Dean of Students
C. Norman Krueger, Vice President for Business Affairs
Kenneth D. Lehman, Squires Professor of History (excused absence)
Jon A. Pace '82, Trustee - Alumni Co-Liaison
Thomas H. Shomo ’69, Director of Public Relations - Staff Liaison
Kenneth R. Simon, Student Government Association President - Student Liaison
Alexander J. Werth, Elliott Professor of Biology

Also present were Christine C. Ross, the Director of Institutional Research & Assessment, and Andrew J. Prehmus, the Special Assistant to the President, who will provide staff support for the planning process.

Mr. Allen then introduced Dr. Charles F. Bryan and Dr. Daniel Jordan, who have been engaged as consultants to guide the planning process. Messrs. Bryan and Jordan rehearsed the significant questions and processes they would employ to assist the College, stating that there are three goals for the new plan: [1] to assure that Hampden-Sydney College remains relevant into the future; [2] that Hampden-Sydney College’s programs and operations are sustainable into the future; and [3] that Hampden-Sydney College approaches its mission in the most efficient manner possible.

They added that three questions must be addressed: [1] What is the present state of the College?; [2] Where does the College want to go?; and [3] How best to get there?

Throughout the process, they proposed that the overriding issue that should guide discussion is what is Hampden-Sydney College’s compelling difference.

Further, they noted that this will be a “bottom up” planning process as each constituency of the College is engaged to identify:
1. 3-5 big ideas that should be considered to enhance the work of the constituency group; and
2. 3-5 big ideas that should be considered to help the College succeed in its mission over the next 5-15 years.

Dr. Bryan then divided the steering committee into four smaller groups who were charged with listing what they saw as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the College. These then were compiled into a master list which the committee will reference as the planning process unfolds.

Finally, Mr. Allen noted that the liaisons for each of the constituency groups (see Membership) will be responsible for working with the group to identify the big ideas and to bring these back for consideration by the steering committee no later than the February meeting.

Future meetings of the committee will be held on November 20, January 22, February 26, March 19, and April 30. The goal is to have a preliminary proposal for a new strategic plan for review by the Board of Trustees at the May 2011 meeting. The summer of 2011 then will be given to costing out the plan, identifying priorities, and establishing a financial plan to undergird the new initiatives. The final plan then will be submitted for approval by the Board at the November 2011 meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.