Strategic Plan Steering Committee Members

Members (22):

Mr. Thomas N. Allen '60 - Co-Chairman
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Trustee Liaison

Dr. Christopher B. Howard - Co-Chairman
Administration Liaison

Dr. Dale Jones
Vice President for Strategy, Administration, and Board Affairs
Community Liaison

Mr. Michael H. Blackwell '01
Alumni Co-Liaison

Dr. Gerald T. Carney
Elliott Professor of Religion
Faculty Liaison

Mr. W. Glenn Culley, Jr.
Controller and Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Claire E. Deal
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
Trustee Faculty Representative

Mr. Richard P. Epperson II '79
Director of Athletics

Ms. Anita H. Garland
Dean of Admissions


Dr. Sarah B. Hardy
Elliott Professor of English

Dr. Robert T. Herdegen III
Dean of the Faculty

The Honorable Dr. John Hillen
Chairman, Trustee Strategic Planning Committee

Dr. H. Lee King, Jr. '94
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Dr. David A. Klein '78
Dean of Students

Mr. C. Norman Krueger
Vice President for Business Affairs

Dr. Kenneth D. Lehman
Squires Professor of History

Mr. Jon A. Pace '82
Alumni Co-Liaison

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pantele (Kathy)
Co-Chairs, Parents Council

Mr. Johnathan A. Sharp '12
Student Government Association President
Student Liaison

Mr. Thomas H. Shomo '69
Director of Marketing and Communications
Staff Liaison

Dr. Alexander J. Werth
Elliott Professor of Biology



Dr. Charles F. Bryan
Bryan & Jordan

Dr. Daniel Jordan
Bryan & Jordan

Staff Support:

Dr. Christine C. Ross
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Mr. Andrew J. Prehmus '08
Special Assistant to the President and Director of Mobile and Social Media