Accepted Students

You are now officially a Hampden-Sydney Tiger, and we look forward to seeing you on The Hill. We will be sending you information to prepare you for academic opportunities, residence life, and course scheduling, every step of the way.

First, to secure your enrollment, please be sure you have paid your enrollment deposit by May 1.

We know you may still have questions. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Important Contact Information

Student Affairs

Dean of Students: Dr. Robert Sabbatini, 434-223-6127
Director of Residence Life: Ms. Andrea Jones, 434-223-7154
Director of Operations & Civic Engagement: Ms. Sandy Cooke, 434-223-6340
Assistant Dean of Student Activities & Organizations: Mr. Richard Pantele, 434-223-6043
Director of Living & Learning Community Program: Dr. James Frusetta, 434-223-7206
Director of the Wellness Center: Ms. Andrea Jones, 434-223-6107
College Chaplain: Rev. M. Keith Leach, 434-223-6269
Athletics Office: 434-223-6151

Academic Affairs

Dean of the Faculty: Dr. "Mike" McDermott, 434-223-6112
Associate Dean of the Faculty: Dr. Jennifer Vitale, 434-223-6118
Director for Academic Success: Ms. Lisa Burns, 434-223-6188
Director of Honors Program: Dr. Michael Wolyniak, 434-223-6175
Disabilities Services Coordinator: Ms. Teresa Laughlin, 434-223-6324

Business Affairs

Financial Aid: 434-223-6119
Business Office: 434-223-6216
Billing: 434-223-6223

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Parents Stay Informed

Over the course of the spring and summer, you should have received the following information:

Freshman Housing Registration
Residence Life information, including details of our Living and Learning Communities Program, instructions for completing important residence life forms, and instructions for housing registration
Academic Support
Information regarding academic support services and course registration, including instructions for a brief, online survey of academic interests
Academic Advising
Information regarding academic advising and a welcome letter from your assigned academic advisor  
Course Registration
Specific information regarding the courses in which you have been registered and information on placement exams (if applicable)
Housing Assignment
Information regarding your housing assignment, roommate, and residence life coordinator
Additional information, including campus arrival information and background on the College's alumni network and opportunities