The Constitution of the French Club

To create, in an atmosphere of sound learning, an institution to promote the French language and francophone history and culture, and to better educate the men of Hampden-Sydney College of the world and American culture's debt due to the culture of France, we ordain the creation of the French Club and this constitution.

Article 1: The Government of the Club

Section 1: The governing body of the Club will be composed of a President, Chancellor, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2: The officers will be elected for terms of one scholarly year by a simple majority of the members. If an officer can no longer serve in his position, the remaining officers will choose another in agreement with the Club's members. There shall be no term limits. Elections shall be called during the Spring Semester and the terms of the officers-elect shall begin upon the termination of the academic year.

Section 3: The President will serve as the head of the Club. He will call and preside over the meetings of the Club in accordance with the regulations of Hampden-Sydney College.

Section 4: The Chancellor will serve as the President in case of need. It is required, at least once, that the Chancellor presides over one meeting of the Club. If an officer can no longer serve, and before a meeting of the remaining officers to choose a replacement, then the Chancellor will exercise the powers of the abandoned office.

Section 5:The Secretary-Treasurer will manage the accounts of the Club. He will also administer the list of the members of the Club and will be responsible for all communication between the members of the Club. He is required to prepare for and present at each SFC audit. If he is unable to attend, he will appoint an alternate.

Section 6: An advisor will be chosen from among the faculty and staff of Hampden-Sydney College by the officers and will serve at the pleasure of the club.

Section 7: The President of the club may appoint, in cases of extreme urgency, the next officer corps of the French Club. The officers will be invested with their duties with full faith and confidence. The appointments must be ratified by September 15 of the following academic year by a block, yes or no vote by simple majority.

Section 8: A collection of by-laws and regulations will be assembled and maintained for the use of the Club.

Article 2: The Members

Section 1: The French Club is open to all students, faculty, and staff of Hampden-Sydney College. To be considered as a member, it is necessary to pay dues not less than 5 and no larger than 20 dollars per scholarly year. In cases of extreme urgency, and with approval of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Government, the dues requirement may be temporarily waived.

Section 2: Each member will have one vote for elections and decisions of the Club.

Section 3: Only student members may serve as officers of the Club.

Article 3: Meetings

Section 1: The Club must have at least 5 meetings per semester and 1 major event.

Section 2: At the beginning of a meeting, a sign-in sheet will be presented to those present. There must be a quorum to vote.

Section 3: If at all possible, all meetings of the Club will be held at the French House.

Article 4: Impeachment

Section 1: If an officer does not act in accordance with his position in the Club or in a manner not in agreement with a gentleman of Hampden-Sydney College, the Club can terminate his term before its designated end.

Section 2: The officer who suffers the impeachment has the right to argue his case before the Club. The remaining officers, the advisor, and three other members of the Club chosen by lot will vote to remove him. It is necessary to have two-thirds or more of the vote for a removal.

Section 3: If an officer is removed, he loses the right to reference leadership in the French Club in any résumé. An expulsion from Hampden-Sydney College will constitute a removal from office.

Section 4: The Student Government Constitution will have precedence and power above this constitution.

Article 5: Languages

Section 1: The two official languages of the French Club will be English and French. This constitution will be promulgated in English and in French.

Section 2: Members of the club need not be enrolled in any French courses nor have the ability to speak French.

Article 6. Amendments

Section 1: A two-third's majority vote by a quorum of dues paying members is needed to amend the constitution.