Constitution of the Hampden-Sydney German Club

Article I - Name

We shall be called the Hampden-Sydney German Club.

Article II - Purpose

We will promote the further understanding of the German culture and language.  This will be achieved through German cultural functions such as the German Open House event and participation in joint events with other German and International Clubs

Article III - Composition

The Club's existence shall entail periodic general meetings at least, but not limited to, once a month during every semester that Hampden-Sydney College is in session, during which time we will do one or more of the following:

Plan future activities

Elect officers and appoint committees to organize activities

Article IV - Elections and Officers

The German club will hold elections at the last meeting before April 1st of each year and will observe all regulations regarding elections and notification of new officers as found in the Student Finance Committee Manual and in The Key. Newly elected officers will assume their duties starting April 1st of each year.

The President, head executive of the Club, will be responsible for presiding over meetings, appointing committee members, and serving as a committee member.  He will represent the Club at official functions and will organize and promote club functions.

The Vice-President will assist the President with all club matters and substitute for the President in the case of a conflict of time.

The Public Relations Officer shall take minutes at German Club meetings and promote all German Club events via e-mail, posters, and other media.

The Financial Officer shall be responsible for maintaining club funds and attending biannual audits.

Dr. Johnson shall serve as Faculty Advisor to the club.

Article V - Finances

The Club will fund Club events and open House events, as well as participation in joint events, using funds provided by the Student Finance Committee.  The Club shall observe all pertinent regulations and guidelines pursuant to maintain active status as a Club, which are found in The Key and the Student Finance Committee Manual.