Constitution of the Math/CS Club


We, the members of The Math/CS Club, do hereby establish this constitution in order to present our ideas and realize our purpose to its fullest extent.


The name of the organization will be "The Math/CS Club" and will hereafter be referred to as "The Math/CS Club."


Section 1.

The Math/CS Club is established for the purpose of fostering a greater understanding of mathematics and computer science, encouraging excellence in these fields among the student body, promoting undergraduate activity in mathematics and computer science research and related experiences, and providing a social and intellectual forum to all students interested in mathematics and computer science.

Section 2.

The Math/CS Club understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities through abiding by the policies of Hampden-Sydney College.


Section 1.

All students, faculty, and staff associated with Hampden-Sydney College are welcome to become participating members of the Math/CS Club. All members register with the president of the club to become participating members. Only current students at Hampden-Sydney College are eligible to become voting members, and are automatically granted voting privileges upon registration with the president.

Section 2.

Members may voluntarily withdraw their membership by requesting their name be removed from the registry. There are no established dues for the Math/CS Club.

Section 3.

The Math/CS Club will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, or veteran status.


The Math/CS Club will have a Faculty Advisor, chosen by the membership from among faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  The role of the Faculty Advisor is to aid the Math Club in fulfilling its mission.


Section 1.

There are four executive positions in the Math/CS Club: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The President is responsible for presiding over the meetings, arranging student and faculty talks, and fostering social events and other club activities. The Vice President is in charge of updating the constitution, writing and updating the webpage, faculty/advisor correspondence, and collaborating with the president on club activities. The Treasurer is the liaison to the Business Office and the Student Finance Committee, and is otherwise responsible for managing the funds of the club. The Secretary is in charge of taking minutes at meetings, updating and sending out emails about activities, submitting revisions for The Key each year, and other PR responsibilities. The faculty advisor will assist in any manner necessary as well as instigate discussion at meetings.

Section 2.

At least one officer shall be present throughout the entire Club and Organization Fair in order to disseminate information about the Math/CS Club to the Hampden-Sydney community.


Section 1.

Officers will be elected by voting members of the Math/CS Club. New officers shall be elected and in office by April 1 of each year. A listing of the newly elected officers must be sent to the Director of Activities and Organizations. Officers assume their responsibilities immediately upon election. Nominations to office will be accepted from the voting party at the beginning of each election and votes will be placed by secret ballot. Members must be present to vote. Current undergraduates in good standing with the club will be eligible for office. If an officer does not complete his duties, he may be recommended for removal at an official meeting, and then the voting party will be notified of the recommendation and his position will be voted upon at the next regular meeting by any present voting member. Removal from office requires agreement of the remaining officers, and a 2/3 majority of the present voting party.

Section 2. The members of the Math/CS Club shall determine the dates and times of its meetings, though the Math/CS Club must meet at least once a month.


Section 1.

The organization will send a representative to all meetings with the Student Finance Committee and submit a budget when requested.


Section 1.

Amendments to the constitution may be discussed and proposed by the executive officers. They will be announced to the voting party upon proposal, and put to vote at the following regular meeting, to be voted upon only by present voting members. Voting and participating members may voice concerns about the running of the club at will, at which point the executives will discuss the concern with the faculty advisor and develop an amendment proposal which will then be put to vote as described above. Amendments will be voted upon by secret ballot.  Any amendments shall be sent to the Director of Activities and Organizations.