Constitution of the H-SC Pre-Business Society


It is the goal of the Hampden-Sydney College Pre-Business Society to:

1. Better prepare Hampden-Sydney students for entering the business word,

2. Make business contacts with local and regional businessmen,

3. Serve the Hampden-Sydney and surrounding communities through the learning of free enterprise under the parent organization SIFE,

4. Enhance alumni relations through contact and cooperation with the Society in speaking and community service ventures,

5. Prepare HSC students for graduate level study of business related subjects.

Article I. Membership

The Society shall be open to all students interested in preparing and learning about the business world.  Members shall be considered active only if attendance, participation, and any dues are met in a regular fashion. The Secretary shall take attendance at every meeting and event.  Only active members will be considered eligible to vote for new officers.  Active members must also register with the SIFE website while our Society is affiliated with that organization.

Article II. Leadership

The Society's leaders are comprised of four positions: President, Speaker Finder, Treasurer, and Secretary.  All positions shall be held for one year and are all up for reelection the following year by process of nomination.  There shall be no limit on service of the officers, given that they are individually elected each year.  Only active members shall vote on new officers by secret ballot held by the President and shall conclude elections not after March 31 for the following year.  Eligibility for new officers shall require at least one year of active participation and that the nominees reflect past participation, leadership quality, and good-standing as role models in the Hampden-Sydney College community.  Movement for impeachment of any officers due to  lack of attendance, disregard of duty, or any other reason shall be subject to a unanimous vote (minus impeachable officer).

The primary responsibilities of the President are to oversee all duties of other officers, lead all meetings, be the representative of the Society at all official functions and indeed at all times.

The Speaker Finder shall be charged with seeking out, finding, and setting up speakers for the benefit of the Society's members.  This shall include making travel plans, accommodations, and arranging times and schedules according to the needs of all parties involved.

The Treasurer shall oversee all budget functions of the Society.  This shall constitute keeping an official Society ledger, a record of withdrawals and expenditures along with income, as well as serving as liaison to the Student Finance Committee.

The Secretary shall record all discussion in Society meetings, take attendance at every meeting and event, keep a current list of all members, and supervise all publication and advertisement of the Society and its events, as well as keep a current history of the Society.

The Society shall have a Faculty Advisor to assist with financial decisions, coordinating activities, and matters involving the school administration.  The faculty advisor shall preferably be of the Hampden-Sydney Economics Department.  The faculty advisor shall have no voting power in election of new officers.  All Society decisions are ultimately in the care of the members and its leadership.

Article III. Meetings and Activities

All Society activities shall be to the benefit of all members and the college with an outlook of business as the centerpiece.  Community service activities shall also be required during the course of the school year in accordance with our parent organization (SIFE).  Activities may include but not exclusive to: hosting guest speakers to offer insight as to their business activities, community projects, trips to businesses, business schools, and conferences, preparing students for business graduate school.  These activities shall be open to all members with the exclusion of the Investment Club currently.  Some activities will include the student body and perhaps coordination with outside colleges, subject to discretion of officers and faculty advisor.  Meetings shall have a regular time and place with all members notified in advance to ensure no lack of participation.

Article IV. Finances

The Society will be funded through the initial donation made by Mr. W. Bates Chappell and through fundraising and modest dues, as well as funding by the Student Finance Committee. Initially the club will pay no dues and will not begin until the need arises at the discretion of the officers and faculty advisor.  All expenses (including such costs as materials, event funding, refreshments for meetings, and other club promoted activities) and incomes (including allocations, donations, fundraising, and dues) will be the responsibility of the Treasurer to record.  Unused funds will be carried over into the next year.  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the business office of the college or to the treasurer.  Guidelines covered by the Student Finance Committee shall be the responsibility of the officers to execute.  The Treasurer shall work with the Faculty Advisor s it is his signature over the Society Account, though all final decisions shall rest with the officers and members on how those funds shall be allocated.

Article V. Ratification of Constitution and Amendments

The original Constitution will be made and ratified by the initial officers, signed by each. Any Amendments to arise shall be put to an active member vote and must have three fourths majority with at least two thirds of members present.  Any Amendment following these instructions will be added to the original Constitution which will be resubmitted to the proper administration official.