Constitution of the Hampden-Sydney Pre-Law Society


Article I:

The Students, Faculty, and Staff of Hampden-Sydney College do hereby establish the organization henceforth named the Hampden-Sydney College Pre-Law Society (hereafter referred to as the Pre-Law Society or just the Society).

Article II:

The mission of the Hampden-Sydney College Pre-Law Society is to give the men of Hampden-Sydney College an understanding and experience in the world of law, to prepare for the LSAT with review sessions, offer presentations from men and women currently active in the creation of, interpretation, and execution of law in our society, connect the current students of Hampden-Sydney College with former students who have chosen a career path in law, help the greater community at large with the task of applying for law schools, and to help the community at large and the show how the law applies in real life.    

Article III:

Membership Requirements: In order to become a member of the Hampden-Sydney College Pre-Law Society, one must an active or retired member of the faculty, staff, or current member of the student body, be in good academic standing with the school and not be on suspension for any Honor Code violations, nor expelled from the college. 

Membership is open to every year of students; there are no restrictions on membership. 

The Executive Board of the Pre-Law Society reserves the right to establish and collect dues that are charged on an annual basis and are non-refundable for membership requirement; however, the executive board can choose not to collect or demand dues from the members as the board see fit. 

Any member may chose to join or leave the Pre-Law Society at any time. 

All members of the Pre-Law Society are bound by the same Hampden-Sydney College Honor Code as the rest of the student body and will not Lie, Cheat, Steal, nor tolerate those who do.  If such evidence is suspect upon a Pre-Law Society member, the faculty, staff, executive board and all members of the Society are obligated to turn these individuals into the Honor Court with all expediency.    

Article IV:

Officers of the Executive Board of the Pre-Law Society.  The members of the Pre-Law Society may democratically elect anyone from within their ranks to the positions of leadership within the Pre-law Society.  The positions to be filled, as amended, are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Pre-Law Society.

Elections are to be held at the end of the Spring Semester every year before Finals. 

If a seat becomes vacant during the year, the club president reserves the right to hold special elections either at designated meetings or at special election meetings in order to fill that vacancy.  Positions may be left permanently vacant if the president does not see the need to fill that board position.  He may not, however, be the sole member of the executive and must have at least one other member of the executive board elected by the members of the Pre-Law Society at all times. Positions and powers granted are as follows:

President - Head of the Pre-Law Society.  Conducts regular meetings, creates and establishes events, is the public figurehead of the Pre-Law Society, and establishes rules and regulations to be agreed upon by the Pre-Law Society members.  Anyone but first Semester Freshmen may be elected to the Presidency of the Pre-Law Society, and he holds this position for one academic year, and may be elected a maximum of four times. 

Vice-President - Holds the same powers of the President, and can run meetings in the absence of the President.  The Vice President is elected for a one-year long academic term and may be reelected no more than four times.  There are no year restrictions on the Vice President. 

Treasurer - The treasurer of the Pre-Law Society is in charge of all finances of the Society. He is to collect Dues, prepare an annual budget for the student senate, with advisement and consent of the Executive Board, and is third in line to run regular business meetings if both the President and Vice President are absent from a meeting.  The treasurer is also elected to a one-year academic term and there are no year restrictions on the treasurer. 

Secretary - The Secretary is required at each meeting to take notes and establish order at the Pre-Law meetings.  He is to also send out any forms of communication to the members of the Pre-Law Society and members of the student body, staff, and faculty of Hampden-Sydney.  He is also to advise the other member of the Executive Board with their roles, if needed.  The Secretary is elected for an academic yearlong term and can be of any year.  He can be elected for up to four terms. 

Any other Office - The Board and the members of the pre-law society reserve the right to establish and abolish any office, as well as rename any position as they see fit.  The minimum requirement for the establishment or abolishment of an office is a 2/3 vote of the Society members, followed by an immediate election to fill the new position.  No person can hold more than one office or title in the Pre-Law Society, one can, however, if needed, assume the roles of more than one office, for temporary terms until a new person fills the position or it is voted by the members, to allow that person to assume both roles without violation of two offices and two titles.  Members of the Executive Board can resign at any time if they so choose.  A ¾ Members vote of no confidence can also be placed on the anyone or everyone of the Executive Board, if such event does occur, the member(s) of the affected Executive positions are to abdicate immediately and be replaced in a special election with all due haste. 

Article V

Finances are to be submitted to the Student Finance board concurrently by the President and any other executive member to the Office of the Student Treasurer each semester, as are budgets and demand for money.  No one person may withdraw petty cash without the consent of at least the advisor or another member of the executive board.  No non-executive member may have access to funds, unless given orders by the club with the approval of the faculty member or the dean of student's office and a member of the executive board.  Reimbursements for travel, personal costs, etc. may be covered by the Pre-Law Society to any member of the club.  In order to do so, the Society requires receipts and mileage as well as any other information demanded by the business office to repay those members who incurred debt in their travels or missions for the Pre-Law Society.  The Treasurer is to handle all debts of the club, unless instructed otherwise by the school, executive board, or the advising faculty.   

Article VI

Amendments to the Pre-Law Society Constitution.  Any member of the Pre-Law Society may chose to write and amend the Pre-Law Society Constitution as they see fit.  The issue at hand is to be hand written and shown to the President, the Faculty Advisor, or any necessary authorities; and if needed, revised for clarification.  Any Amendment to the Constitution is to be approved by a ¾ agreement of the entire Pre-Law Society members.  The amendment will take effect with all expediency, unless otherwise directed by the amendment or by practicality, and then the amendment shall take effect upon the next semester. All amendments are to be attached separately on the constitution with written italicized indents in the areas that it affects in the former parts of the constitution. 

Article VII

Ratification by the Student Senate attached here.