The Constitution of the H-S Student Investment Group

Section I: Name

This organization shall be known as The Hampden-Sydney Student Investment Group.

Section II: Mission Statement

The student investment group will seek to further the members understanding of different investment methods and strategies, and to share insight on varying subjects from the state of the economy to the analysis of specific stocks. The club will engage members in an environment of students with different interests, experiences, and perspectives through presentations, friendly competition, debate, and guest speakers.

Unlike the Tiger Fund, this club is open to all students and not just economics majors that have fulfilled the specific requirements. Although it is in the best interest of the club to remain relatively small, if considerably more students join than manageable in a single group discussion, the group can divide into two or more groups and report major ideas or findings back to the whole.

Internal competition will be an important aspect of the group. Students can compete through either group management or individual management of a fantasy or real portfolio; however, the ultimate goal is to learn, so successful ideas and strategies will be shared and critiqued within the group.

Money management is critical, and the thought of entering the world of investing can be overwhelming, which is why the Student Investment Group is here to help students get a head start, and to learn, but most importantly to enjoy themselves.

Section III: Officers

All officers are to be in good standing with the college as defined by the college. Officers should have investment experience and should be professional at all times. Officers will be voted in by the majority at the first meeting of each new academic year. The elections will be run by the President and Vice-President. If the President and Vice-President are no longer active members then they shall be replaced by the Secretary or most senior member of the organization. The organization will also have the ability to create new positions of authority if deemed necessary by majority rule.


Shall preside over all of the club's meetings.

Shall be in charge of planning meetings and organizing activities.

Shall be the liaison between the club, faculty, and public.

Shall delegate necessary duties to officers and members as they arise.

Shall oversee educational aspects of the organization.


Shall be responsible for assisting the President.

Shall stand in on meetings that the President is unable to attend.

Shall oversee educational aspects of the organization in coordination with the President.


Shall manage the finances of the organization.

Shall oversee educational aspects of the organization in coordination with the President.


Shall inform members of upcoming meetings.

Shall manage the organizations outreach to new members.

Shall oversee educational aspects of the organization in coordination with the President.


Shall keep record of the group's events, history, and accomplishments.


Includes all new members.

Section IV: Full Membership

Membership shall be open to both student and faculty of Hampden-Sydney College. All members will be required to participate in the majority of the meetings.

Section V: Finance

Dues shall be established by majority vote of the members. Membership requires that all dues are paid. Other financial matters shall be handled by the Treasurer.

Section VI: Meeting/Training

The organization shall meet on a regular schedule that is to be determined by majority vote. The first meeting of each new semester should also include the creation of an educational agenda. Suggestions should be put forth by the members at the first meeting of each new semester.

Section VII: Amendments

The constitution can be amended at any point in time if deemed necessary by the majority of the members. Any member may bring forward a proposal for an amendment. Amendments can be voted upon during that same session.

Section VIII: Ratification

The Constitution of the Hampden-Sydney Student Investment Group shall be ratified by a majority vote of the membership during the first official meeting of the organization shall come into effect immediately upon ratification.