Constitution of the Students for Liberty

Article I. Name

The official name of the organization shall be the Hampden-Sydney College Students for Liberty (SFL).

Article II. Mission Statement

The purpose of the organization and its activities are:

To promote an understanding of and support for libertarian principles within the student body of Hampden-Sydney College;

To engage in debate and dialogue about libertarianism's meaning, political efficacy and social desirability;

To engage in political activism that upholds libertarian principles both on campus and in the surrounding community;

To serve as a liaison between the administration and faculty and the members of the Hampden-Sydney College.

Article III. Executive Board: Structure

The board members will have one of the following titles and responsibilities. Nonetheless, all board members are expected to participate and organize all events regardless of their positions.

1. President

Calls meetings, sets agenda, communicates with local media, and sets the general goals for SFL for the year.

2. Vice President

Fulfills the President's responsibilities in the absence of the President.

2. Treasurer

Oversees all committees formed for SFL.

Manages the organization's finances.

3. Secretary

Takes minutes at all general body and executive committee meetings.

Maintains and updates the SFL website, list-serve and all technical services the organization may require.

Assists the President in planning and coordinating events as well as assisting in publicity.

If an office is vacated, the procedure for regular elections should be used to fill the position with the consent of a majority of the board members.

An officer may be removed from his or her office after being impeached at one meeting and then voted on by a 2/3 majority of voting members at the next general body meeting. Preceding the vote, one member shall have 5 minutes to explain why the officer should be impeached and then the officer shall have 5 minutes to defend him or herself.

Article IV. Elections

Elections are to be held once a year, in the month of November, and the term of the new board will start on the following January.

Nominations will be taken from the floor, needing a second to the motion, then posted until all nominations are heard.

Only registered, full-time undergraduate students who are not expected to graduate in the following May and have not missed more than four general body meetings in the semester may run for a position.

Preceding elections night, each candidate must send out a candidacy statement concerning their platform and why they should be elected.

The votes will be tabulated by the current board members who are not running for the office being voted upon.

A majority of the voting body is necessary to win the election. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the top two vote receiving candidates for that office will be voted on by the voting constituency with the candidates who failed to receive one of the top two levels of votes being able to vote as well.

Elections should be announced at least two weeks in advance.

Article V. Membership

Any undergraduate who signs the SFL listserv can be a member of the organization. There are no different categories of membership, aside from board positions.

Article VI. Meetings

There shall be a general meeting each week and an Executive Board meeting at least once a month.

The President will send out emails to all members notifying them of general meeting times and locations.

The Executive Board will suggest organizational decisions at board meetings and the President will have final approval over these decisions.

A quorum at general meetings consists of a majority of the Executive Board and at least four members of the general body.

Any member is eligible to vote at meetings.

Parliamentary Procedure need not be used during meetings, but may be requested and used by a majority decision.

Article VII. Amendments

An amendment to the Constitution must be proposed at two consecutive meetings whereby it is discussed in full at the second of these meetings as well as voted on. A two thirds majority of voting members present at the second meeting is required to pass the motion.

Article VIII. Affiliations

The Executive Board is responsible for maintaining any affiliations.

Article IX. Ratification

This Constitution will become ratified when it is signed by two thirds of the Hampden-Sydney College Students for Liberty.