Multi-Cultural Life Clubs

International Club

The International Club was founded to enrich and cultivate a sense of cultural diversity within the Hampden-Sydney Community.  Its main aim is to foster good relationships through cultural awareness and, in doing so, to prepare Hampden-Sydney Men for the global community in which we live.

The club is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. Our activities, such as the Food & Film Festivals, are always eagerly anticipated, appreciated, and enjoyed. Upon graduation, you will join a global society; here at H-SC the International Club brings the world to you.

International Club Website

Faculty Advisors:
International Club : Dr. Rachel Goodman
International House: Dean Elizabeth Jane Deis
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Minority Student Union (MSU)

The MSU was established to help broaden the scope of cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion throughout the Hampden-Sydney College community. This organization provides its members with an environment where they identify with one another, and it helps members to educate, lead, and serve in the Hampden-Sydney and larger community.  The MSU is not a fraternity, but is similar to one with the bond it produces between its members.

The MSU, which has over 60 members and is one of the most diverse student organizations on campus, is open to all on campus who are interested in enhancing the community's knowledge on cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion, while being a part of a unique brotherhood.

Advisor: Hakeem Croom '10
Assistant Dean of Students, Intercultural Affairs and Student Activities
Blake A , 2nd Floor
(434) 223-6384

Society for the Preservation of Southern Heritage

The Hampden-Sydney Society for the Preservation of Southern Heritage is for Hampden-Sydney College students with a special interest in southern history and heritage. The "Southern Heritage Society" holds monthly meetings with guest speakers and programs of interest. Field trips are organized to historic sites and battlefields. We support the Southern traditions of dedication to the Constitution of the United States, a strong family unit, religious faith, courage, honor, integrity, respect for womanhood, and self-reliance. We endeavor to promote knowledge, understanding, and the true history of the region of the United States known as the South and to perpetuate the knowledge of contributions made by Southern citizens, both civil and military, to the establishment and development of this great nation.

The Southern Heritage Club is a patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-political, non-sectarian, and non-discriminatory organization.

Advisor: Charles W. Ironmonger. Jr.

Unity Alliance

The mission of the Unity ALLiance is one that is three-fold: educational, political, and social. From an educational standpoint, we, as an organization, will provide educational experiences for all students interested to create a more informed H-SC community. In addition, the educational experience will extend to members of the Unity ALLiance, as we will attend various conferences to achieve a well-rounded student body. From a political standpoint, the group will not take a partisan position, as far as Republican, Democrat, etc., but be interested in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) issues that may arise in the political world. Lastly from a social perspective, the Unity ALLiance will build a stronger bond with those other GLBTQ groups and their straight allies at other colleges, within the state, and on a national level. 

Advisor: Dr. Nick Deifel