Constitution of the Acousticals

I. Preface
This club is dedicated to giving Hampden-Sydney students a chance to sing in an a cappella group.

II. Officers
To better facilitate meetings and the planning of activities, four members will be elected officers. The officers will be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary, and Music Director 

A. President

  1. He will conduct the meetings.
  2. He will oversee the planning of events, programs and activities.
  3. He will preside over any debate in the meeting.
  4. He will be the representative to the administration.
  5. He will be the representative to outside animation organizations.

B. Vice-President

  1. He will act as an aide to the President.
  2. If the President is not at a meeting, he presides in the President's place.

C. Treasurer / Secretary

  1. He will oversee the finances of the club.
  2. He will write down any notes that need to be taken.
  3. In the event that the President and Vice-President are not at the meeting, the Treasurer / Secretary will conduct the meeting.

D. Music Director

  1. He will be in charge of all music issues of the group.
  2. He will conduct songs and make sure songs are ready for concerts.
  3. He will direct warm-ups at the start of practice.
  4. In the event that no other officer is in attendance the Music Director will conduct the meeting.

E. All Officers 

1. Elections
a. All elections will be held at the end of the year, and the results will be announced at the same meeting.
b. Officers to be elected must receive 51% of the vote.   Runoffs will continue until one candidate receives 51% or more of the vote.
c. To run for office, a candidate must be in the group, be nominated, accept his nomination, and be a student of Hampden-Sydney College.
d. The term of office for any officers is one year.

2. New Officers
a. A new position can be created by the club for permanent use by amendment.

3. Oath of Office - All officers upon taking their position must take this oath to be administered by the previous term's President -

"I do solemnly swear in the presence of the club's members that I will uphold the duties of my office to the best of my ability."

III. Members
A. To be an active member, one must be a Hampden-Sydney student in good standing and be voted in by a majority of members of the group after auditioning.

B. Members have the right to vote in meetings.

C. At the beginning of each semester auditions will be held. Members will vote on each candidate after their initial song and decide if they would like to call that member back for callbacks. After callbacks the group will vote if the candidate should be accepted. Each candidate needs to receive 51% "yes" vote from current members.

D. Members can remove any officers by 75% vote of all current members.

IV. Gigs 
A. All gig proposals will be presented by the President to the group for a vote. The gig must receive a 51% vote for it to be accepted.

B. Attire for the gigs will be voted on by the group for each gig.

V. Attendance
A.   All members are allowed to have two unexcused absences. A third will result in being kicked out of the group.

B.   All members are required to attend all gigs unless it is determined that a certain gig is not required. If a member misses a gig for an unexcused reason they are kicked out of the group.

C.   An absence is excused when the officers decide that is a legitimate excuse. All officially sanctioned school activities are excused.

VI. Meetings
A. All meetings will be brought to order by the President.

B. The President will talk about upcoming gigs, attendance issues, and any other issues.

C. President will ask for new business.

D. After new business, warm-ups and the day's songs will be sung.

VII. Ratification and Amendment
A. When there are 10 members, the Constitution will come into effect.

B. An amendment to the Constitution must have 75% approval by the active membership to be approved.

C. Propositions for amendments must be made in the Business Section of the meeting.