Constitution of the Jongleurs


We the students of Hampden-Sydney College, in order toform a theatrical society, establish dramatic interpretation, insure worthwhile productions, provide for the entertainment of the community, promote artistic, appreciation, and secure the blessings of talent to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Jongleurs.

Article I: Name

We shall be called the Jongleurs.

Article II: Purposes

1. We shall strive to explore, cultivate, and revel in the joy of researching, studying, and performing theatrical performances.

2. We shall seek to promote self-discipline, talent, and camaraderie through the perpetuation of this artistic endeavor at Hampden-Sydney College.

Article III: Membership

1. Any student at Hampden-Sydney College who wishes to do so may become a member.

2. The Jongleurs will have an active official advisor, who will be the professor of Fine Arts at Hampden-Sydney specializing in theatre.

Article IV: Composition

1. The Jongleurs' existence will entail a general meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. At these meeting we shall do one or more of the following:
a. Discuss and examine the business affairs of the organization.
b. Discuss and examine various plays which are of particular interest of the members.
c. Work on constructing sets, establishing lighting plots,or setting musical segments, et cetera for theatrical productions.

2. The Jongleurs will sponsor organizational or Fine Arts productions for the benefit of the entire community.

Article V: Elections and Officers

1. The Jongleurs shall hold elections at the last meeting prior to April 1 of each year, and it shall observe all regulations regarding elections and notification of new officers as found in the Student Finance Board Manual and in The Key.

2. Officers will assume their duties at the first meeting on or after April 1.

3. The President shall be responsible for presiding over meetings; representing the Jongleurs at official functions; and keeping in close contact with the organization's advisor.

4. The Vice-President shall be an advisor to the President and shall be responsible for the President's duties when he is unavailable to attend organizational functions.

5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a record of the organization's activities; corresponding with others as the Jongleurs sees fit; and reporting to the organization any correspondence he received concerning the society.

Article VI: Finance

1. Each member shall be obliged to pay an semesterly membership fee of $5. This fee shall help to cover the cost of staging theatrical productions, not produced by the Hampden-Sydney Fine Arts Department.

2. The Jongleurs shall request funding from the Student Finance Board to subsidize the remaining portion of expenses.

3. The Jongleurs shall observe all pertinent regulations and guidelines pursuant to maintaining active status as an organization, as found in the Student Finance Board Manual and in The Key.

Article VII: Amendments

At any time the members, by two-thirds majority, may amend this Constitution as is needed.