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Board of Publications

The Board of Publications, chartered in 1963, assures that student publications, like all other publications which represent the College, are factually accurate, graphically pleasing, and in conformity to general community and professional standards of decency and good taste. The Board also insures that member organizations maintain journalistic integrity, high quality, timeliness of production, and sound financial management.

The Board endeavors to enhance the learning experience of all students working for member organizations and the positive contribution which member organizations make to the educational process and life of the College. The Board elects, grants stipends, and reviews the performanceof top officers of its member organizations. The members of the Board are the editors of the Garnet, Kaleidoscope, and Tiger; the general manager of WWHS-FM; the faculty/staff advisor of each organization; the Director of Publications, and the Director of Communications. The Board sponsors the Ropp Award.

Regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, and matters appropriate for consideration by the Board should be brought to the attention of the Chairman.

The heads of member organizations are interviewed and elected at the regular meeting of the Board in March. In February, a notice is printed in the Tiger, posted on the electronic bulliten boards, and distributed to the student body by e-mail.  Any student in good academic standing may apply for editor of the Garnet, Kaleidoscope, or Tiger or General Manager of WWHS.

Complaints regarding the content of a student publication or WWHS or the conduct of a head of a Board of Publications member organization, should be brought to the attention of the Chairman.

Gordon Neal '09, Financial Advisor
| Bylaws of the Board of Publications


The Garnet was founded in 1859 as the Hampden- Sydney Magazine. The Garnet aims to offer members of the community an opportunity to demonstrate their literary and artistic ability. Each year the Garnet publishes an outstanding collection of poems, short stories, essays, photography and other art work by student writers and artists and other contributors.

Brian Burns, Advisor  bburns at

2012 Garnet On-Line
Constitution of the Garnet

The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope, the College yearbook, was first published in 1893 by Dandridge Spotswood, Class of 1893, as a permanent record of the life & history of this community. The Kaleidoscope ceased publication in 2011.

Visit the Internet Archive with Hampden-Sydney issues

The Tiger

The Hampden-Sydney Tiger, Hampden-Sydney's bi-weekly student newspaper, records significant events, publishes items of interest, promotes improvement of the College, and welcomes the expression of responsible student opinion. The Tiger is editorially and financially independent. It is funded by advertising, subscriptions, and its endowment.

Editorial review of the Tiger may be exercised by the the Board of Publications. Letters to the Editor are welcome. Contact the Tiger at

The Tiger Online Archive
Tiger Tracks for Journalism

Advisor: Dr. Lowell T. Frye
Constitution of the Tiger

Tiger Radio

Tiger Radio is a non-commercial educational radio sta­tion operated by istudents. Operating from the historic Carriage House, the station webcasts 24 hours a day. DJs are free to play any type of music (alternative/progressive rock is emphasized), and a variety of specialty shows, including political discussion, Caribbean music, local rock, and in-studio house mix, broadcast weekly.

Students may apply for shows at the beginning of each semester; slots are assigned on the basis of experience, on-air ability, format, and professionalism. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Program Director.