By-Laws of the Board of Publications


BY-LAW I - Election of Publication Officers

Section 1.  At an appropriate time, usually two weeks before the College's Spring Break, the Board shall advertise all available positions in the Tiger, on WWHS, and in such other media as it deems necessary.

Section 2.  Any student may apply for any office, although students who have appropriate experience may be given preference.

Section 3.  To be considered for election, candidates shall submit to the Board a letter of intent and evidence of good academic standing (as defined in the Academic Catalogue).

Section 4.  The Board shall meet before Spring Break, in regular or special session, to interview and to elect new editors and to prepare the nominations of faculty advisors.  Editors shall assume their positions after Spring Break.

Section 5.  After the election of new editors, but before April 1, a meeting of the Board shall be called by the out-going Chairman for the purpose of electing publications officers below the level of Editor.  Such officers shall assume their duties upon election.  At this same meeting, the Board shall elect a Chairman and Secretary, who likewise shall assume their duties upon election.  The Chairman shall be elected from among the student members of the Board; any member may be elected Secretary.

Section 6.  A student who accepts one of these positions shall commit himself to a full year's service and shall attend any workshop sponsored or recommended by the Board.

BY-LAW II - Responsibilities of Officers of Publications

Section 1.  Editors of each publication, after consultation with their advisors, shall submit to the Board in writing at the beginning of each semester a schedule of publications or programming, a list of deadlines or progress dates, and an accounting of real and proposed expenditures.

Section 2.  Each editor shall be held accountable to the Board, and upon evidence of gross neglect of duties, the Board may remove said editor by three-fourths vote of the membership of the Board.  The Board shall appoint an acting editor immediately and elect a permanent replacement as soon thereafter as is practicable.

Section 3.  All other student publication officers elected by the Board shall likewise be held accountable to the board and, upon evidence of gross neglect of duties, may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Board present at a called meeting.

BY-LAW III - Responsibilities of Advisors to Publications

Section 1.  Advisors are responsible for providing guidance to the officers and staff of member organizations, in order to hold them to their stated purposes and to keep them in compliance with their responsibilities to the Board and to its established standards and guidelines.

Section 2.  If an advisor believes that an organization is not in compliance, it is his or her duty to bring the matter to the attention of the editor, first, and then, if discussion does not remedy the matter, to the Board.

Section 3.  In rare cases where an advisor feels that material about to be published clearly violates the Board's standards, and is unable to persuade the editor to modify it, he or she has the authority to require that the material be withheld from publication.  After exercising this authority, however, the advisor shall immediately notify the Chairman and request that the Board meet to examine the material and make its own ruling.

Section 4.  If an advisor should wish to resign or if an editor should wish to seek the appointment of a new advisor, the Chairman should be notified and a meeting of the Board called immediately.  After deliberation, the Board shall take appropriate action or recommend appropriate action to the President of the College.

BY-LAW IV - Stipends for Officers of Publications

Section 1.   Stipends for all officers elected by the Board shall be determined by the Board and paid from the Board's operating funds, not from the budgets of the individual publications.  Individual organizations are not allowed to remunerate their officers in any way beyond reimbursement of legitimate expenses.

Section 2.  The elected officers of the Kaleidoscope, Garnet, Tiger, and WWHS shall be awarded stipends on what the Board deems to be satisfactory fulfillment of their duties.

Section 3.  Stipends shall be approved by a vote of the majority of the members of the Board present at a called meeting, although the officer whose stipend is being considered may not vote.

A. The elected officers of the Tiger and WWHS shall be eligible for their stipends in November and March

B. The editor of the Garnet shall be eligible for half of his stipend upon the receipt of each edition.  (If the Board shall approve the publication of only one Garnet in a given academic year, the editor shall be eligible for the full stipend upon receipt of the publication.)

C. The editor and assistant editor of the Kaleidoscope shall be eligible for their stipends upon delivery of the final proofs to the printer.

Section 4.  Stipends may be withheld upon a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board present at a called meeting.

Section 5.  Stipends will be withheld if the expenditures of a member organization in the current fiscal year shall exceed the total annual budget by more than five (5) percent without prior approval of the Board.

BY-LAW V - Operations of the Board

Section 1.  The Board shall adopt journalistic standards and guidelines in accordance with standard professional practices and applicable laws.

Section 2.  The Board shall conduct at least one annual workshop, the primary purpose of which is to assure that everyone who works for a student publication is aware both of professional standards and of the guidelines of the Board.

Section 3.  The Board shall meet monthly at a regular date and time.

Section 4.  The Financial Advisor shall request from the Student Finance Committee each year funding sufficient for the operation of the Board.

Section 5.   After consultation with their faculty advisors and/or the Financial Advisor, organization heads shall request from the Student Finance Committee each year funding sufficient for the operation of their organizations.

Section 6.  The Board and all member organizations shall bank with the College Business Office.  Accounts shall not be maintained outside the Business Office.  Each publication must follow the accounting procedures recommended by the Business Office.