PREAMBLE: WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 (originally formed in 1972 as WHSV) has been instituted and organized to promote the benefits of educational radio and to provide entertainment for Hampden-Sydney College and Prince Edward County. The members of WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 hereby establish this constitution under the authority of the Board of Publications of Hampden-Sydney College.

Article I - General

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be "WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1" as assigned by and registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The term "WWHS-FM" will refer to the broadcast aspect of WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1.

Section 2: WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 shall finance the operational activities through the allocations from the Student Finance Committee. Upgrading of service and capital improvements can be supplemented when necessary by grants from individuals and organizations.

Article II - Organization

Section 1: All executive authority granted to WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 by the Board of Publications shall be invested in an executive officer who shall be known as the General Manager. The General Manager shall be elected by the Board of Publications.

Section 2: The staff members (synonymous with Management Team as used in the Guide Book) will be chosen by the General Manager and one advisor and approved by the Board of Publications.  The Board of Directors is composed of the General Manager (Chairman of the Board of Directors), the Faculty advisor(s), the station staff, and one DJ (appointed unanimously by the General Manager and the Program Director). The General Manager and each station staff member shall receive a stipend, an amount to be determined at a meeting of the Board of Publications.

Sections 3: The Board of Directors shall meet once a month during the academic year or whenever any member of the Board requests. All Board members must be notified prior to a meeting and four must be present to constitute a quorum. The members of the Board of Directors shall serve a term of one year.

Section 4: The General Manager in coordination with the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the signing of DJ and staff contracts, purchasing, admission of members, nomination of staff, adoption and implementation of policy, and all other actions of an important nature in this constitution. All purchases are subject to the regularly established procedures of the Student Finance Committee and Board of Publications. The General Manager shall also represent WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 at meetings of the Board of Publications.

Section 5: All other statements of station policy and procedure shall be collected and assembled by the station staff. This statement shall be entitled the Guide Book. Only current policy and information shall be included in this manual.

Section 6: In the first week of February the Board of Directors shall receive letters of application for the position of General Manager. The Board of Directors shall submit these applications for General Manager to the Board of Publications to be considered along with any other student(s) who wish to apply. The week prior to spring break, the newly-elected General Manager and advisor shall receive letters of application for the staff positions outlined in the Guide Book. The General Manager and advisor shall jointly select nominees based on the applications and an informal interview process. The General Manager shall transmit these nominations for staff positions to the Board of Publications for appointment.

Article III - Membership

Section 1: Any enrolled student at Hampden-Sydney College wishing to associate with the station and willing to abide by this constitution and the Guide Book shall be considered a member of WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 upon the acknowledgment of the General Manager and Program Director.

Section 2: Any member wishing to broadcast must fulfill the training requirements set forth by the Board of Directors, rules of the Guide Book, and the license requirements stipulated by the FCC. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in immediate suspension of broadcasting privileges.

Article IV - Amendment Process

Section 1: Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by a simple majority (greater than 50%) of the Board of Directors. Such amendments become effective after approval by the Board of Publications.

Article V - Policy

Section 1: All material broadcast on WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 shall be the sole opinions of the individual and not reflect officially the policies or opinions of WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 or Hampden-Sydney College. WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 will remain neutral in politics, religion, administrative, faculty, and Student Government policies. Equal time shall be offered for reply to all opinions represented on WWHS-FM. WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 shall be operated by students exclusively for entertainment and educational purposes and no part of its activities shall consist of propaganda or other ways of attempting to influence legislation. WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1's staff and DJs will be accountable to the President, the Board of Trustees of Hampden-Sydney College, the Board of Publications, and the WWHS-FM Board of Directors for any breach of (high) ethical standards and for the use of distasteful material.

Article VI - Ratification

Section 1: This constitution shall be considered ratified after approval by the Board of Publications and the WWHS-FM Board of Directors and may be nullified by action of the same bodies.


Amended April 9, 2007

Approved by the Board of Publication April 20, 2007