Constitution of the Catholic Campus Ministry

Article I. Name and Purpose

A. The name of the organization shall be:  Catholic Campus Ministry of Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University (CCM of H-SC and LU or CCM).

B. The purpose of the Catholic Campus Ministry shall be to unite young adult Catholic/Christians in fellowship within the context of the campuses of Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College; provide opportunities to explore topics related to Catholic faith, student life, and adult transition in a social atmosphere for spiritual growth; and establish a Catholic presence in the Farmville community.

Article II.  Membership

A. All Catholic students are members. Those who chose to be eligible for membership as participating "active members" are asked to sign a list of members to indicate their status; non-Catholic students interested in the Catholic faith may also become "active members" through attending meetings and activities. 

B. There are no dues and members substantiate their membership as "active" through participation and registration and are not subject to being "dropped."

Article II.  Open Membership

CCM is open to all students on both campuses of Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College.  All students who register at either the church or at a CCM function are put on a contact list.  Faculty and staff at Longwood and Hampden Sydney College are invited to join.  Active members participate on a semi-regular basis with CCM and attend Mass at St. Theresa's in Farmville.

Article III.  Officers

The organization shall have a Student Campus Minister and up to eight Assistant Student Campus Ministers serving in dual roles as minister and in the functions of fund raising, secretary, volunteer coordinator, historian, campus representatives (one from each school,) peace and justice coordinator and ecumenical coordinator, assisting the Campus Minister to reach the goals of:

  • Forming a growing and vibrant faith community.
  • Assisting students in deepening their faith and understanding of the Catholic Church through education opportunities, prayer and active participation in the Mass and Sacraments.
  • Developing a mature Christian conscience based on Catholic ethics and moral values.
  • Educating and active participation in the area of Peace and Justice and Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Prepare graduating students for future involvement in parish life and as future leaders of the Church.
  • Assist in facilitating the personal development of the members.
  • Outreach to the staff and faculty of the institutions and the local parish.
  • Planning and implementing ecumenical activities with other Campus Ministries.
  • Conducting all business activities including fund raising.
  • Provide opportunities for fellowship.

A. These ministers shall meet regularly with a campus minister.

1. The Student Campus Minister (President) must have held at least one previous position within CCM Leadership Council.  Duties of the Student Campus Minister include spiritual growth of the members, meeting organization, aiding and assisting members of leadership council, attending functions as Student Campus Minister of the Catholic Campus Ministry, mediating relations between members, and other duties as appropriate.

2. The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Vice President) Duties include assisting the President with the responsibilities of the office of President and as assigned to fulfill the mission of the ministry.

3. The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Formation Coordinator). Duties include the organization and execution of the weekly faith formation meetings. The scheduling of speakers to assist the members to appropriate an adult faith. Offer the members opportunities to gather in prayer.

4.    The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Activities Coordinator.)  Duties of the activities coordinator include seeking opportunities for the ministry to be in fellowship, contacting the necessary persons to arrange for the activities and organizing information regarding such.

5. The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Publicist) responsible for informing the members of all up coming meetings, activities, events, worship services and opportunities for participation.

6. The Assistant Student Campus Ministers (campus representatives) Duties of a campus representative include attending obligatory meetings on their specific campus and providing updates and information from these meetings to the Leadership Council. Campus representatives are responsible for all CCM publicity on their respective campuses.

7. The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Peace and Justice Coordinator) This minister will seek opportunities for the ministry to be involved in peace and justice issue and activities. They will work to coordinate these activities with other ministry programs, Diocesan programs and outside agencies. Primary responsibility will include alternate spring and/or fall break retreats.

8. The Assistant Student Campus Minister (Retreat Coordinator) Duties include the planning and execution of all local retreats for CCM. Additional duties include coordinating and recruiting participation in retreats offered by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

B. Officers are from the membership and proposed by application for an undetermined number of one-year terms.  Applications will be submitted to current Leadership Council for prayerful selection.  Leadership positions will be appointed in November. If the situation were to occur were two individuals desired the same position, a majority vote election would be held.

C. Those individuals proposed for offices shall have demonstrated campus and spiritual leadership, and are compatible with the purpose of the organization.

D. In the event of any vacancy the membership shall elect and propose a replacement for approval by the campus minister and/or advisor.

E. The Leadership Council shall meet regular with the Campus Minister regarding organization activities, liturgies, programs, liaison with the local Catholic parish, and with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.  The Student Campus Minister shall be able to appoint committees from the general membership and remove committee members, as the occasion requires.  The Student Campus Minister and the Campus Minister shall set the agenda.  The Student Campus Minister shall set meeting arrangements (i.e. room, equipment, materials, etc.), the Assistant Student Campus Minister (Secretary) shall record all minutes and correspondence for record keeping.

F. Since the organization works closely with the Catholic parish community and the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, both may provide funding, in addition to outside donations and fundraising; the Campus Minister will manage such monies.

Article IV.  Meetings

A. Gatherings are held at least once each week at an announced time and place on a schedule set by the students with agreement of the Campus Minister.

B. The Campus Minister or Student Campus Minister may call gatherings.  Any member of Leadership Council may call Leadership Council meetings with prior notice provided to Student Campus Minister and Campus Minister.  Council members may call meetings of their respective committees as necessary.

C. Gatherings will minimally consist of prayer, topical discussion, Christian fellowship, activities planning, reports from various officers, and sharing of news and coordination with the diocese and parish.

D. Notifications of all meetings will be posted when possible in University media and in St. Theresa Church Bulletin.

E. Leadership Council shall meet weekly to discuss events and weekly programs.  These meetings may be open to general membership; however, prior notice of a general member's attendance should be given to the Student Campus Minister or Campus Minister.  Leadership Council reserves the right to a "closed door" session, in which they may discuss sensitive issues at the exclusion of general membership.

Article V.  Amendments

A. Any part of this constitution may be changed by majority approval of both the active membership and Campus Minister.

B. Any part of this constitution in contention with the rules or principles of either Longwood University, Hampden-Sydney College, or the Diocese of Richmond shall be rendered null and brought in to compliance by the Campus Minister.  

 November 2010