By-Laws H-S Chapter of Young Life

Article I
Organization and Purposes

Section 1- the name of the organization shall be The Hampden-Sydney Chapter of Young Life at Hampden-Sydney College. It shall be referred to as "Young Life."

Section 2- The purpose of this organization shall be to organize, lead, and carry out the national ministry known as Young Life in Southside Virginia. Young Life is a Christian outreach ministry in public high schools.

Section 3- This organization shall be a subsidiary under the authority of Young Life based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The HSC Chapter shall carry out the aims and purposes of Young Life and adopts by reference hereof the by-laws of Young Life. The chapter acknowledges and Agrees that all policies and objectives to be pursued by the Chapter, or by any member or members thereof, will be in accordance with the policies, purposes, and objectives of Young Life

Section 4- Placed in our area of operation by the Board of Young Life Directors of Virginia will be an Area Director who will be employed by Young Life. This individual will lead the active members of Hampden-Sydney Young Life during their commitment to leadership in the high schools of Southside Virginia.

Article II

Section 1- Any person who is interested in the activities of Young Life is eligible for membership in the Hampden-Sydney chapter of Young Life.

Section 2- The requirement of a full commitment to the purposes of Young Life is a requirement for becoming a leader in a high school in our area, and in turn becoming a member of Hampden-Sydney Young Life.

Section 3- The by-laws of Young Life govern the suspension or expulsion of members and leaders. These actions will be carried out by the Area Director.

Section 4- The chapter will have an active official advisor, who must be a member of Hampden-Sydney College faculty or administrative staff.

Article III
Executive Committee

Section 1- Duties and Powers

A. The President shall work very closely with the area director in organizing and fulfilling the mission of Young Life. The president shall also represent Young Life in all official interactions between the Chapter and the College.

B. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of President in his absence, and maintain the membership roster.

C. The Secretary shall record the minutes at formal meetings of the charter, as well as handling all incoming and outgoing paperwork for the area director and President.

D. The Treasurer shall work closely with the area director regarding the financial status of the chapter. It will also be his responsibility to handle the preparations and maintenance of the annual budget of Young Life

Section 2- Selection of Officers

A. Members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Area Director at his discretion. His judgment will be based on what is best for the College, Area, and the mission of Young Life.

B. Officers terms shall last one year, (two concurrent semesters) in length.

C. There shall be no limit on number of terms served by any one officer.

D. Emergency replacements of officers may be held as necessary and at the discretion of the Area Director and officers.

E. All officers must be enrolled Hampden-Sydney College students.

Article IV

Section 1- The chapter shall hold regular meetings to address the upcoming Young Life events of the coming week and months.

Section 2- The Vice-President shall give reasonable notice of all regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 3- Emergency meetings may be called at the judgment of the Area Director and of the President.

Article V

Section 1- There will be no dues for the members and officers of the chapter.

Article VI
Amendment of By-Laws

Section 1- The by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the members, upon prior notice given, by a two-thirds majority vote to those present constituting a quorum. Let it be known that a quorum is defined as not less than ten percent of the members.

Article VII
By-Laws Povisions

Section 1- Any of these By-Laws that may be in conflict with the By-Laws or policies of Young Life will be void.

Article VIII

Section 1- Nopart of the income or net earnings of the chapter shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, any member, director, or officer of the charter or any private individual.

Section 2- Upon dissolution of the charter, all of its remaining assets and money from Hampden-Sydney College Student Finance Board shall be paid over or transferred to the Hampden-Sydney College Student Finance Board.

Article IX

Section 1- Young Life shall exist in perpetuity or until dissolved or dischartered.