Sports & Recreation

Anglers Club

The Hampden-Sydney Anglers are a club comprised of men across campus who share a love for fishing. The Anglers participate in all kinds of fishing events including salt-water fishing trips and fishing in the FLW College Fishing Series. The College Fishing Series allows Anglers to fish against schools from across the country in a professional fishing setting.

Constitution of the Anglers Club

Baseball Club 

There are many men at Hampden-Sydney who have thrived in the sport of baseball but have decided that college level, varsity baseball was not for them. Club baseball provides an incredible opportunity for men who are interested in the sport to once again play organized competitive baseball. The club was founded on the goal of helping students who are interested in the sport to be successful on the field while also forming new friendships across campus. 

Chess and Strategy Game Club

The Hampden-Sydney Chess and Strategy Game Club is an organization that provides opportunities for students who are interested in strategy games to come together and share their passion for and to learn about the games. The club hosts regular events where students can come together with their classmates to learn or compete. 

Advisors: Dr. Marc A. Hight and Dr. Kevin M. Dunn

Boardriders Club

Advisor: Dr. Shawn H. Schooling
Constitution of the Boardriders Club

Clay Target Club

The Hampden-Sydney Clay Target Club is an organization that promotes the shooting sports. It is designed to install safe firearms handling, commitment, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a recreational and competitive atmosphere. Members will have the opportunity to learn and shoot the games to trap, skeet, and sporting clays under instruction from each other and qualified outside coaching. The club will have the opportunity to travel and compete against various other schools and other shooting organizations in the area.

Advisor: Dr. Kenneth N. Townsend
Constitution of the Clay Target Club

Club Golf

The Hampden-Sydney Golf Club is one of the most active sports clubs on campus. The club has a spot for every level of play, from traveling to competitive tournaments across Virginia, in the NCCGA, playing 9 holes with your fellow Hampden-Sydney brothers, as well as having a few in house mini tournaments each semester. We have full time access to Longwood Golf Course and have great H-SC Club golf Team accessories. 

Club Lacrosse

The Hampden-Sydney Lacrosse Club seeks to provide an opportunity for students to play the game of lacrosse on a non-varsity level. The club plays Virginia college club teams in a friendly but competitive nature. The club attempts to provide a low-pressure atmosphere to play lacrosse that encourages good sportsmanship and enjoyable recreation. 
Practices are held twice a week and are open to all experience levels. The H-SC Lacrosse Club participates in the National Collegiate Lacrosse League (NCLL), which consists of 10 games every spring against teams such as UVA, Longwood, and Lynchburg.

Constitution of the Lacrosse Club
National Website:

Club Rugby

The Hampden- Sydney Rugby Club was created to promote self-discipline, teamwork, competition, and athletics. Anyone interested in teaching, coaching, or has a desire to enjoy the sport is invited and encouraged to attend a practice or a meeting.

Club Soccer

The Hampden-Sydney Soccer Club's mission is to bring together members of the student body who love the game of soccer in competition. Separate from the Varsity Squad, we have our own practices and games with other clubs from colleges and universities across the region. Every student who comes out for the team has a chance to play and continue his career as a soccer player.

Advisor: Prof. German Salinas

Fencing Club

President, Jamshaid R. Choudhry '16
Constitution of the Fencing Club

Fly-Fishing Club

The Hampden-Syndey Fly-Fishing Club functions as a dedicated group of young men committed to the sport and preservation of fly-fishing, trout streams, and fish management. The focus of the club is developing better fly-fishermen through fly-tying clinics, casting clinics, film, and fishing trips.

Members pay yearly dues in conjunction to the funding received from the Student Finance Committee. Meetings are held weekly, and the club sponsors open activities such as keynote speakers and Adopt-A-Stream.  Membership is encouraged and open to those with a love for fishing.

Advisor: Richard Pantele
Constitution of the Fly-Fishing Club

Outsiders Club

The Outsiders Club, first organized in 1968, is open to all members of the Hampden-Sydney community who maintain an active interest in the out-of-doors. The heart of the Outsiders Club is its leaders, whose goal is to raise awareness of outdoor activities and to organize and conduct outdoor trips for the college community. Possible club trips are backpacking, white water rafting, caving, snow skiing, fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and many others. New leaders are chosen at the end of each semester for their enthusiasm for the club and their genuine interest in improving their leadership abilities.

Any student interested in the Outsider's Club should contact the chairman. Tadpole Pavilion is the Club's headquarters, and weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30pm are held there.

Advisor: Richard Pantele
Constitution of the Outsiders Club

Paintball Club

The Hampden-Sydney Paintball Club provides students with an interest in the sport of Paintball to come together and share their passion through various events and activities. 

Swim and Water Polo Club

The Hampden-Sydney College Club Water Polo team has been established in order to promote the game of water polo on the Hampden-Sydney campus.  H-SC Water Polo will encourage not only competition but also the establishment and strengthening of friendships, through the sport.  In addition the purpose of the club will be to enter competitions with other colleges.

Constitution of the Swim & Water Polo Club

Tiger Athletic Club (TAC)

The Tiger Athletic Club is a group of individuals bonded together by a common interest in supporting all Hampden-Sydney athletics. The club strives to achieve excellence and leadership by providing community service, educational programs, social events, and athletic support. The motto of the club is "Leadership Fueled by the Passion for Athletics." We believe that athletics provides countless and unmatched opportunities to develop leaders and to help the College in its mission to form "Good Men and Good Citizens."

Membership is open to any and everyone; the only requirement is a strong interest in athletics and a minimum of five hours of community service with the club.

Advisor: Richard E. Talman III
Constitution of the Tiger Athletic Club

Venture Crew

Venturing is a new "old" program of the Boy Scouts of America. Originally part of the Exploring Division, it finally came into its own in 1998. It has become the fastest growing program of the BSA. Young adults have found through the Venturing program the outlet they have been looking for in their age group.

It has been an exciting time of fast growth and great learning experiences. The Venturing youth cabinet is in a unique position to promote this exciting program through their active involvement in their regions and throughout the United States.

There are continued misconceptions about what Venturing is all about. Venturing is not for young boys and girls but rather for young adults. They are able to do more and go further as a Venturer or Sea Scout in a Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship.

Venturing provides positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. Venturing provides the skills needed for young adults to make ethical choices, experience a fun program full of adventure and challenges, acquire leadership skills, and to take advantage of opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge in the areas of high adventure, sports, arts, hobbies, religious life, and Sea Scouting.

As part of the national Venturing youth cabinet, you will be able to help advance Venturing as well as promote the idea that the Venturing program is for YOUNG ADULTS who want a broader experience in leadership, vocations, and hobbies.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Frusetta

Goals and Objectives
Methods of Achievement

Wrestling Club

The Hampden-Sydney College Wrestling Club team teaches and practices the sport of wrestling. After the inaugural season of competitively participating in the NCWA league, we had multiple wrestlers place high in tournaments. The club looks forward to grow their success during the upcoming academic year.